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Get Genisys Smart

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Get Genisys Smart

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Get Genisys Smart

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  1. Get Genisys Smart Introducing the Automated Systems Tests and Smart Cable Steve Zack

  2. Genisys NEW System 3.0 Enhancements • Fast Boot technology (patent applied for) • Quick DTC Scan • Automated System Test (patent applied for) • Link from popular Mode 6 items to repair info • Link from Readiness Monitors to Drive Cycle Test Info • Accessory / Cable List on Tool • Glossary of Terms • Printing of the Mode 9 VIN number on most reports • OBD II Smart Cable Diagnostic Check • TSB References improvement • 1 Gigabyte Memory Card Support • Custom Splash Screen Currently the new Genisys software and System 3.0 will fit on a 512 MB card. BUT, this will be the final release for the 512 MB memory card.

  3. Genisys System 3.0 Vehicle Software and Memory Requirements • Each year Genisys software increases in size. This year is no exception! Users request and expect additional coverage like the “NEW for ’08” increased Hyundai and Kia coverage and repair information like Pathfinder Troubleshooting, Repair-Trac, and Fast Fixes, but it increases memory size. • November’s new Genisys software releases are: USA Domestic 2007, USA Asian 2007, and System 3.0. A 1 GB memory card is recommended, but Domestic & Asian 2007 come with System 3.0 and will install on an existing System 2.0 512 MB card. • A few release notes: • Installing USA Domestic and/or USA Asian 2007 on a System 2.0 512 Megabyte card • Due to the 512 MB memory size limitations, there are a few program differences, such as: • No future updates can be installed, a 1 GB memory card will be required. • Latin America 2004 will not be installed on a 512 MB card (1 GB required). • Slower initial installation due to file compression and decompression required. • Installing USA Domestic and/or USA Asian 2007 on a System 3.0 1 Gigabyte card • All applications will install and FAST………… • You are ready for future new software releases.

  4. Genisys OBD II Smart Cable Over 50 System Smart Inserts replaced with one Smart Cable The technician currently selects the appropriate System Smart Insert he needs for the job. The new OBD II Smart Cable is essentially “plug and play”. Definition: System Smart Inserts (SSI’s) are used to “mux” or route connector data lines as necessary to facilitate OEM enhanced communication and can sometimes contain electronics. SSI’s provided access to this OEM enhanced information in place of additional cables. What was once the best low cost solution is now re-invented with the Genisys OBD II Smart Cable.

  5. Genisys OBD II Smart Cable - continued • Genisys OBD II Smart Cable • Features/Changes • Previous OBD II SSI Cable goes away • Over 50 SSI’s go away! • No new SSI’s in the various Genisys Kits - many were planned! • Sophisticated electronic circuitry in the new OBD II Smart Cable replaces current and future line switching System Smart Inserts (SSI’s). • Bottom Line Benefits • Improved technician satisfaction • Improved test capability • Faster Diagnosis, more convenient • Higher technician productivity

  6. Re-inventing Genisys • Automated System Test™& Quick DTC Scan • With one button press, Automated System Test and Quick DTC Scan performs a system “health check” of all available vehicle controllers. • Any trouble codes found are reported along with other vital scan data. • Repair-Trac pattern failures and available repair information are linked to trouble codes of the top known component failures.

  7. Genisys NEW System 3.0 Quick DTC Scan • Quick DTC Scan • DTC Scan taken from the Automated System Test DTC function. • Scans all supported systems automatically for DTC’s. • Quick DTC summary screen the same as in Automated System Test results. • DTC’s listed by controller • Press Enter on selected DTC’s to view repair information. • Print Detail of all DTC’s

  8. Genisys Automated System Test Automated System Test™, One button press and it will perform the test and report the data in a fraction of the time it used to take using manual, step by step procedures. Automated System Test™ begins to automatically poll all available controllers for DTC’s and other vital scan data. Genisys Automated System Test™ ties together the diagnostic power of Pathfinder™, Repair-Trac InfoTech™, and Fast Fixes™ troubleshooters for you, saving time and increasing profitability.

  9. Genisys Scan Component Test Example O2 Sensor Scan Test Procedure Pathfinder’s Scan Component Test will be available via the new Automated System Test & manually in Pathfinder Troubleshooting.

  10. Genisys USA 2007 Domestic Software • New Expanded Systems Coverage and Special Tests • New - Tire Pressure Monitoring System coverage up to 2007 models. • New - approximately 500 vehicles, 1000 systems and over 350 bidirectional tests are added for earlier year vehicles as well as 2007 models. • New - expanded EVAP system coverage including the Chrysler Leak Detection Pump (LDP) Monitor Test. • New - expanded GM Body System coverage for 2007 and older vehicles. • New - increased coverage and functionality on vehicles back to 1992 that technicians see in their shops everyday! • Updated - Fast Fixes now updated from a database of more that 60,000 confirmed fixes.

  11. Genisys USA 2007 Asian Software • USA 2007 Asian Software—Now with Expanded Hyundai / Kia • New - TPMS bidirectional tests have been added for Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and more. Including the ability to enter the TPMS sensor I.D and sensor initiation. • New - EVAP bidirectional tests have been added for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai and Kia. • New - approximately 500 vehicles, 4000 systems and over 500 bidirectional tests are added for 2007 and earlier vehicles. • New - Asian Pathfinder Troubleshooter to include Data / Sensor Information for Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Nissan, Infinity, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, & more. • New - enhanced Hyundai coverage 1989 – 2007 and Kia 1994 – 2007. • New - Honda licensed OEM data coverage includes engine, transmission, ABS, air bag, tire pressure monitor, and more body and chassis systems. • Expanded - enhanced Toyota to 2007 including OBD I, 1995 and older coverage.

  12. Automated Systems Tests

  13. To perform Scan Tool functions scroll to Scan Diagnostics and press Enter Enter Scroll to Scan Diagnostics

  14. Scroll to the vehicle type your are working with and press Enter Enter Scroll to USA 2007 Domestic

  15. Scroll to the brand of vehicle your all working on and press Enter Enter Scroll to GM

  16. Scroll to the Year Range of the vehicle and press Enter Enter Scroll to 2000 - 2007

  17. Scroll to the year of the vehicle and press Enter Enter Scroll to 2003

  18. Scroll to the make of the vehicle your are working on and press Enter Enter Scroll to Chevrolet

  19. Select Car or Truck and press Enter Enter Scroll to Car

  20. Scroll to the Carline and press Enter Enter Scroll to Impala

  21. Scroll to the computer you are to diagnose and press Enter Enter Scroll to Engine/PCM

  22. Scroll to the vehicles engine and press Enter Enter Scroll to 3.4

  23. Select the Smart Cable as shown from the tool box, install it on the Scan Tool and to the Vehicle

  24. For training purposes, press the Demo soft key and then press Enter Enter Press the Demo soft key

  25. Select the Automated Systems Test to perform comprehensive diagnostic of the vehicle systems Enter Scroll to Automated Systems Test

  26. Scroll to Trouble Codes and press Enter Enter Scroll to Trouble Codes

  27. Scroll down to go from item to item, or scroll to the right to change pages, and select an area of concern that requires diagnostics, and press Enter for diagnostic information Enter Scroll to fault code P0101B

  28. Scroll to Circuit Description to determine how the circuit at fault functions Enter Scroll to Circuit Description

  29. Exit Exit

  30. Scroll to Possible Causes to determine what may cause the fault Enter Scroll to Possible Causes

  31. Exit Exit

  32. Scroll to Code Setting and press Enter Enter Scroll to Code Setting

  33. Enter Enter

  34. Exit Exit

  35. Exit Exit

  36. Scroll to Data Stream Items and press Enter to review related freeze frame Datastream Enter Scroll to Data Stream Items

  37. Scroll to the PID you wish to customize Scroll to MAF Sensor

  38. To enlarge the PID press the More soft key and scroll to Zoom and press Enter Press the More soft key Scroll to Zoom Enter

  39. To graph a PID to plot data pres the Graph soft key Press the Graph soft key

  40. To decrease the size of PID press the More soft key, scroll to Zoom, and press Enter Press the More soft key Scroll to Zoom Enter

  41. To view the sweep of a sensor press the Analog soft key Press Analog soft key

  42. To return a PID to digital press the 123 Digital soft key Press the 123 Digital soft key

  43. To return the PID to graph press the Graph soft key Press the Graph soft key