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Sesame Smart Lock

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Sesame Smart Lock Simply secure Safety Convenience Control Presentation Outline Market Trends Our Vision Sesame Smart Lock How it looks and works Technical details Usability Competition Target Market Management Team Questions? Current Market Trends

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sesame smart lock

Sesame Smart Lock

Simply secure




presentation outline
Presentation Outline

Market Trends

Our Vision

Sesame Smart Lock

How it looks and works

Technical details



Target Market

Management Team


current market trends
Current Market Trends

In the near future more and more devices will communicate with each other wirelessly.

Market Drivers:

BlueTooth – Platform thirsty for applications

Small smart devices like PDAs.

Cell phones

Ripening technology

The ability to prove your identity over a loosely coupled network will be essential.

our vision
Our Vision

A world in which all electronic devices cooperate for your convenience.


This convenience relies on security. The Sesame Smart Lock provides inroads to communicating home appliances and Wireless security.

Mission Statement

To pioneer the field of wireless identity.

the beginning sesame smart lock
The Beginning: Sesame Smart Lock

A highly convenient yet highly secure smart lock. Sesame provides unprecedented ease of use and control.

  • Very easy to use.
  • Truly Secure
  • Use of existing technology reduces cost


how it works
How it works
  • “keys” are cryptographic codes- unique, cannot be copied or faked
  • Door keeps a list of authorized users.
  • When key bearer approaches door, the door detects this
  • Door talks to key using BlueTooth.
  • If and only if key is in list, door unlocks.
  • Complex usage scenarios:
    • Key is inside, door should be locked
    • Allowing people in only at given times
    • Adding removing keys
    • Controlling remotely
    • Power consumption

The power of a smart device is in its ability to answer all these issues

power consumption
Power Consumption
  • Motor for add-on configuration:

Power consumption: 120 mA – 6V

that’s 10 Hr work or – over 2000 lock cycles 1

  • Palm - 70 mA – at peek usage 2

1- Measured in lab


Battery pack will last a number of months

  • Regular keys.
  • Swipe cards locks.
  • Key pads.
  • Proximity detectors (RF transponders).
  • Smart chips.
  • RF and IR remote controls.
barriers to smart lock acceptance
Barriers to smart lock acceptance

Why isn’t a every lock a smart lock?

High price of existing solution

Lack of standardization

Security concerns

Difficulty of use

price comparison
Palm m125 $125

Lock $25-$400

IO Card $62

IR detector $5

BlueTooth card $120

Just the controller starts ~$400-$2000

Lock $25-$400

Price comparison

Our solution


Total ~$425 - $2400

Total ~$355, Estimated real cost ~$135

target market
Target Market

Focus on neglected home market

Traditionally price and complexity have been a deterrent to this market


Current solutions are inconvenient and cumbersome.


High security

Better security is always an issue

management team
Management Team

Joey Edelstein, President and CTO

Ilan Dvir, CEO & VP R&D

Bill Gates, dishwasher

Sesame intends to recruit experienced top-tier specialists in the following fields:

Wireless Comm.

GUI experts

Sales and Marketing

Software Engineering