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Sustainable Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development
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Sustainable Development

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  1. Sustainable Development

  2. What is Development? Let’s Simplify the things with a small example. And Ram Singh wants to have a tractor and a good house to live in. Rahul wishes to have a bicycle and a video game. Similarly, we have ideas about what a country should be like. What are the essential things that we require to make the life better for all?

  3. Thus, “Development” involves thinking about these questions and about the ways in which we can work towards achieving these goals. Development - means a progression from a simpler or lower to a more advanced, mature, or complex form or stage. It is also defined as the gradual advancement or growth through a series of progressive changes. Development is a process, not a level. It is a path to achieve certain goals.

  4. Similarly, different people have different goals in their life. People seek things that are most important for them and can fulfill their aspirations or desires.

  5. Different People and Different Goals 1. Landless rural labourers • More days of work and better wages. • Local school is able to provide quality education for their children • No social discrimination

  6. Different People and Different Goals 2. Prosperous farmers from Punjab • Higher support prices for their crops • Assured high family income • Settle their children abroad

  7. Sustainable Development Sustainable Development is the development that allow all future generations to have a potential average quality of life that is at least as high as that which is being enjoyed by the current generation. In other words it is the ‘Development that meets the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs’

  8. National Development National Development is the ability of a county to improve the social welfare of the people by providing social amenities like good education, proper infrastructure and healthy opportunities of growth etc.

  9. National Development Per Capita NSDP in India

  10. Make your Score: Quiz • Which state in India has Highest Per Capita Income: • Uttar Pradesh (B) Gujarat • (C) Goa (D) Haryana • 2. Largest state in India (Area wise): • Uttar Pradesh (B) Gujarat • (C) Rajasthan (D) Haryana

  11. Make your Score: Quiz • 3. Which of the neighbour countries has better performance in term of human development than India: • Sri Lanka (B) Afghanistan • (C) Nepal (D)Pakistan • 4. Which State of India have highest literacy rate: • Uttar Pradesh (B) Punjab • (C) Haryana (D) Kerala

  12. Make your Score: Quiz • 5. Development of a country can be determined by its: • Per Capita Income (B) Average Literacy rate • (C) Health status of people (D) All of the above • 6. Which indicates the number of children that die before the age of one year as a proportion of 1,000 live children in that particular year: • Net attendance Ratio (B) Infant Mortality Rate • (C) Children Death Ratio (D) Literacy Rate