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Our client, who has the specialty in chemical and sustainable technologies company and has headquarter in the United Kingdom. The company is established in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India more than a decade

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 Our client, who has the specialty in chemical and sustainable technologies company and

has headquarter in the United Kingdom.

 The company is established in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India more than a decade.

 It manufactures the pharmaceutical ingredients, inorganic metal salt, and 3d printing

with precious metal powder.



 Being the chemical manufacturing company, the management of the importing and

exporting components is the essential and crucial task.

 As, they supply valuable jewelry, silverware, and cutlery trade with raw materials and

manufactured ancillary supplies, such as silver solder and flux.



 The company has to maintain all the records of the vehicle and material coming in and

going out of the company.

 The criticality of the process was to organize the gate pass booklet and generation of

the gate pass as it involves the follow ups for the authorized signatory.

 Every process used to be done manually which was time-consuming and there were

high chances of human error which might create a high negative impact on the




 Another issue was to maintain confidentiality and work of flow.

 We are the Our client had the demand for the automated online generation of gate

pass system which could monitor every movement of the material with data

authenticity and authority.

 The client approached Leo Technosoft, the SharePoint development company with an

online gate pass workflow automation requirement.

 Leo Technosoft mapped, re-engineered the processes and proposed online SharePoint

as a development platform for online gate pass management application.

why sharepoint

Why SharePoint ?

SharePoint is the powerful industry-leading platform which provides a comprehensive

solution to the business process challenges like the workflow of the organization. It

provides the features like document management, business process automataion,

collaborative sites etc.

challenges the purpose of the sharepoint


The purpose of the SharePoint application is to eliminate the manual process and

overcome the following challenges.

Loads Of Paperwork:

In e?ery step of the authentication of the gate pass, lot’s of paper?ork ?as in?ol?ed and

its management has become difficult. Most of the time stationery printed for the gate pass

got wasted whenever the format of the gate pass was changed.

Human Error:

To keep the track of incoming and outgoing material the hard copy of the forms used to be

there and human error was involved in it.The process of returnable material movement

and the reconciliation is used to be done manually.

Manual Approver Checking

The process of approval of activities by the authorized signatories was done manually.

solution leo technosoft the sharepoint

Solution –

Leo TechnoSoft, the SharePoint development company has developed the portal inside

0365 to automate the daily process of the company by providing following solutions –


To do digitization, we have created forms for different processes and linked them

according to the flow of the process. These forms belong to modules and they are

automatically assigned to the authorized signatories. The person who has requested for

any of the authentications he or she can track the status of the request or form from the

dashboard of the module.

Classification system:

All the forms are categorized on the dashboard. Therefore user can find the name of the

contact person. Due to the classification system, it became easy to distinguish among the

requested, processed or pending forms.

process management daily weekly or monthly

Process management:

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Business Process are designed and restructured by using Nintex

Forms and Workflows for Various modules across the Business Units.

Simplification of the process:

All the process are simplified and form tracking system is introduced and the elimination of

manual process.

modules delivered to client

Modules Delivered To Client

KPI Management

Manufacturing Excellence


Change Intimation

Management of Change

Root Cause Analysis


Customer Complaint

MOM & Task Management

Material Management

Out Going Material

Incoming Material

Returnable Material

Non-Returnable Material

Scrap Management

Courier Management

Incoming & Out Going Vehicle Management

Transport Log Book

benefits online generation of gate pass once


 Online generation of gate pass:

Once the material is ready for the further process the gate pass is automatically

generated that is placed on the material. The same gate pass is used until the end of

the process.

 System based reconciliation:

Due to the automated system, it becomes easy to classify the entire customers and

investors into relevant categories and subcategories.

 System customizable alert:

The status of the form, if it is approved or rejected, will send to the particular requestor

via System customizable alert.

 Transparency:

Transparency is maintained throughout the process.

 Easy classification system:

Due to the automated system, the categorization of the requests, forms, etc. for the

application becomes easy.

about leo technosoft

About Leo TechnoSoft

Leo TechnoSoft is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation

centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based

applications, Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility,

Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

To know more about Leo TechnoSoft, contact us at or call us at 407-


media contact

Media Contact:

(NAME): Sarah Jacobs


(Phone): 407-965-5509

For more details about service i.e. BOMT please click here or write us at–

leo technosoft snapshot

Leo TechnoSoft Snapshot


- Global partner product development provider with delivery centers in Los Angeles, Chicago

and India (Offshore).

- Specializes in Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise Product Engineering for Startups, Entrepreneurs,


Value offering


 Technology

Healthcare/Life Sciences




Real Estate

 Partnered Product Development

 Technical, Operation and Sales


 Expertise SaaS & Cloud solutions

 Customer Relationship Management

 Sales and Marketing

 VC Connections and relationships


our presence


Adequate infrastructure to scale up at the drop of a hat

Backend Data Center / Infrastructure set up

Global Offices to support 24x7 Client Operations

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