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Education. Integration and application of professional tools for managing and promoting Child Safety. Social Services. Management of Safety Areas*. Engineering and Safety Headquarters. Activities and Intervention Programs in Safety Areas. Spokesperson. Interface with

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Integration and application of professional tools for managing and promoting Child Safety

Social Services

Management of

Safety Areas*

Engineering and Safety Headquarters

Activities and

Intervention Programs

in Safety Areas


Interface with

Organizations Outside

the Municipal Authority

Safe City for Children

Municipal Beautification

*According to laws and regulations

Managing and Promoting Child Safety in the City – New Holistic Model

Shira Kislev1, Dafna Kalenberg1, Michal Klein1, GaliBen-Shalom2, Zvi Binyamini3, Michal Hemmo-Lotem1, Orly Silbinger1

1Beterem – Safe Kids, Israel; 2Barak, Ben-Shalom – Organization Consulting and Training; 3Eshed Management Resources &Engineering

  • Background:
  • Unintentional injuries are a major cause of child mortality and morbidity in Israel. Municipal authorities promote child safety via different activities and departments; however child safety is not recognized as a single integrated issue in need of comprehensive management.
  • Objective:
  • To develop an holistic model for Safe Cities, combining methods of organization counseling, risk management and health promotion.
  • Concept:
  • 'Safe Cities for Children' is based on the safe community model, with the addition of supplementary domains including:
  • The City as an Organization - Using tools of organization counseling to incorporate a safety culture in the municipality.
  • Functional Responsibility - Recognition of and obligation to the municipality's functional responsibility for child safety.
  • Safety Management and Promotion - Commitment to comprehensive child safety management, as well as engagement in
  • promotion of child safety via activities.

‘Safe Cities for Children’ Model

Integrated Disciplines

The model integrates three major disciplines. The disciplines of risk management and organizational consultation are new to the field of child safety. This innovative model provides a new methodology for the municipal authorities to manage and promote child safety.

The model integrates the different departments in the municipal authority and aims to act both in promotion and management tools.

Framework Components of the Municipal System for Managing and Promoting Child Safety

Municipality joins and appoints position holders

Themunicipal system is developed in each Municipality according to the of the ‘Safe City Guideline’. The Guideline was developed based on OHSAS 18001, Safe Community model and International Labour Organization (ILO) documentation.

  • Child Safety Policy – to outline the city vision regarding child safety and to lay down the guidelines for the city's child safety activities for the long run.
    • Planning - to achieve an inclusive, budgeted municipal work plan that enables execution of the policy and forms the basis for the management and promotion of child safety in the city.
    • Implementation, Assimilation and Establishment - to execute the planning and the resultant work plans.
    • Measurement, Evaluation and Lessons Learned - to ensure the quality of implementation and assimilation of the work plan. These processes shall form the basis for lessons learned and continual improvement.
    • Transparency and Citizens Involvement - to ensure that the municipal system for managing and promoting child safety is operating with full transparency and takes the appropriate steps to include the citizens.


Twenty municipal authorities in Israel have joined the Safe Cities program since 2001; half are in the low socio-economic bracket including Arab and Jewish Ultra Orthodox population. A detailed evaluation is being conducted at this time.;