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Interprofessional Teaching Clinic Practicalities

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Interprofessional Teaching Clinic Practicalities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interprofessional Teaching Clinic Practicalities. Brought to you by: KU SOM Dept. of Family Medicine KU School of Pharmacy KU School of Nursing KU School of Health Professions KU School of Law. What is IPE?. World Health Organization defines Interprofessional Education (IPE):

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interprofessional teaching clinic practicalities

Interprofessional Teaching Clinic Practicalities

Brought to you by:

KU SOM Dept. of Family Medicine

KU School of Pharmacy

KU School of Nursing

KU School of Health Professions

KU School of Law

what is ipe
What is IPE?

World Health Organization defines

Interprofessional Education (IPE):

“When students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. Once students understand how to work interprofessionally, they are ready to enter the workplace as a member of the collaborative practice team. This is a key step in moving health systems from fragmentation to a position of strength.”1

1 World Health Organization (WHO). Framework for action on interprofessional education & collaborative practice. Geneva: World Health Organization. 2010.

iptc practicalities
IPTC Practicalities
  • Currently, IPTC runs 6 half days a week.
    • Pharmacy and Medicine are together everyday.
      • Nursing, Pharmacy and Medicine see patients together 2 of the 6 half-days.
          • OT, PT, Psychology, Law and HIM
iptc practicalities1
IPTC Practicalities
  • Location may change if MOB Large Conference Room is unavailable. If that’s the case, we will be next door in MOB Small Conference Room.
  • HIM students will be joining us on 3/10/14, 3/24/14, 3/31/14 and 4/7/14.
iptc practicalities2
IPTC Practicalities
  • Faculty
    • Medicine: Jana Zaudke MD, MA

Hannah Maxfield MD, Sarah Marks MD

    • Nursing: Christina Phillips DNP
    • Pharmacy: James Kleoppel MS, PharmD,

Sarah Shrader PharmD

    • Physical Therapy: Stephen Jernigan PT, PhD
    • Occupational Therapy: Dory Sabata OTD, Jane Cox OTD
    • Medical-Legal Partnership: Katie Cronin BSW, JD, Dana Pugh JD
    • Clinical Psychology: Wendi Born PhD
    • Heath Information Management: Lauren Pulino RHIA
iptc practicalities before the encounter
IPTC Practicalities: Before the Encounter
  • Remember to –
    • Bring your laptop to IPTC
      • To access Epic using your web browser, go to:
          • Download Citrix to access O2 and patient information.
    • Review the patient chart with your interprofessional team
      • Click on the patient’s name on the provider schedule and choose ‘Review’ from the toolbar directly above the schedule
        • Do not double-click on the patient name until AFTER the patient has arrived to the clinic
    • Huddle with your team BEFORE the encounter
iptc practicalities after the encounter
IPTC Practicalities: After the Encounter
  • Remember to –
    • Huddle with your team AFTER the encounter
    • Involve all professions during the presentation of the patient to the faculty preceptor(s)
      • Consider using the SBAR to organize the team, the presentation and the plan prior to presenting to the faculty preceptor(s).
iptc practicalities after the encounter2
IPTC Practicalities:After the Encounter
  • Write a note for every encounter
    • Include profession specific input from your team members in your note
    • Document the following items within the Doc Flowsheets, “Self-Management Counseling” tab
      • Document patient education
      • Document referrals to Medical-Legal Partnership, Mental Health professional, etc.
      • Document the names and professions of the students on your team
iptc practicalities3
IPTC Practicalities
  • Visit us at:

  • Here’s a link to a video made and produced by nursing students who participated in IPTC Spring 2012.
  • Follow us on Twitter @IPTClinic
what is studio pop
What is Studio Pop?
  • What is Studio Pop?
    • Studio – space and time for process and product
    • Pop – thinking about the patient population
  • When? Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 PM
  • Where? MOB Large Conference Room
what are pop tarts
What are ‘Pop Tarts’?
  • Activities are called ‘Pop Tarts’
    • Reflective writing
      • Each profession’s faculty will prompt students to complete two reflections.
        • Both will be submitted via Blackboard within the ‘Studio Pop’ course.
    • Debriefing and Conversations
      • Crucial Conversations and Conflict Resolution
      • Viewing of the film, Unnatural Causes, and small group discussion
what are pop tarts1
What are ‘Pop Tarts’?
  • High and Low Fidelity Simulations
    • Interprofessional Standardized Patient encounter – Jack Newman, Visit # 1 and #2
    • Medical Error Simulation
  • Hot Spotting Home Visits
  • Intensive Primary Care Visits
studio pop
Studio Pop
  • Week 1 – January 14th (Zaudke/Kleoppel)
    • IPE SP, “Jack Newman: Visit #1”
  • Week 2 – January 21st (Zaudke/Marks/Phillips)
    • Orientation and Introductions
      • What is IPE and IPP?
      • Who is on your team?
    • Working in Interprofessional Teams – how it is going?
studio pop1
Studio Pop
  • Week 3 – January 28th (Zaudke/Marks/Phillips/Kleoppel)
    • Debrief on the week
    • Film, ‘Unnatural Causes’ and Small Group Discussions
  • Week 4 – February 4th (Zaudke/Marks/Phillips/Kleoppel/Cox)
    • Debrief on the week
    • ‘Crucial Conversations’
studio pop2
Studio Pop
  • Week 5 – February 11th (Zaudke/Phillips/Kleoppel)
    • IPE SP “Jack Newman: Visit # 2”
  • Week 6 – February 18th (Zaudke/Marks/Phillips/Kleoppel)
    • Hot Spotting Home Visits
      • Pharmacy, Nursing and Medicine
studio pop3
Studio Pop
  • Week 7 – February 25th (Zaudke/Marks/Phillips/Kleoppel/Cox)
    • Hot Spotting Home Visits
      • Pharmacy, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy