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PRACTICALITIES. Practical Points. Students: sign up for your afternoon option next to the entrance. Final session for parents finishes at 12h00 - apologies, p.m. speakers are arriving during lunchtime.

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    2. Practical Points • Students: sign up for your afternoon option next to the entrance. • Final session for parents finishes at 12h00 - apologies, p.m. speakers are arriving during lunchtime. • Drinks and snacks served 1030/40-1100 by the tables on secondary side of the bikeshed. Y12 helpers please go to drinks area at 1025. • Today’s programme is up on the doors of this room, the IB common room and S1 workshop room.

    3. Options: 14h00-15h00 You are welcome to attend the Oxbridge talk, however, it is very unlikely, unless your current IB score (excluding TOK and EE) is 38+, French Bac: 16+/20, to be invited for interview at either Oxford or Cambridge univeristy.

    4. Introductions

    5. Getting to Know You

    6. Getting to Know You • How many brothers and sisters. • How many countries lived in. • Favourite subjects. • Career Ideas. • Favourite past time. • Favourite type of music or group. • Which town/village do you live in? • In pairs. • 5mins to ask each other. • 8 mins to Introduce your partner to the rest of your group covering all questions please!


    8. Contracts • Record Booklets • Certificates • Development: Business contacts & Alumni

    9. IST Work Experience PARTNER ORGANISATIONS Science: Syngenta • Thanks to: • Mr&Mrs Richter • Dr. Bertran-Menz • Mrs de Andrade Procurement - Airbus

    10. An Increasing Range of Options

    11. EU Universities: taught in English • www.eunicas.ieSearch by: • Course • Country • Lots of help with forms to fill in, financial support available, housing etc.

    12. Taught in English: EU Examples If you are a citizen of the European Higher Education Area fees are: 578€ per year.

    13. European Higher Economic Area

    14. Mrs Watson, ISCO, will be covering Courses and Choice of University in more detail 0940-1040 “Choosing a University and Course” ISCO Adviser: Julia Watson


    16. Choosing a COURSE • At least 3 years studying this subject and only this subject. 1) Your futurewise reports stating 12 jobs that would suit you and/or jobs related to these. 2) 3)

    17. Grade Entry Requirements Durham Geography 32 IB 15+/20 Bournemouth Geography 23 IB 10/20 Make sure one of your choices is well below the grades you expect to get = INSURANCE OPTION UK five choices France, US, Canada – as many as you like Spain? Germany?

    18. Course Content Matches your Interests? « Eddie, I thought you said we were seeing a COMEDIAN not a MEDIUM! »

    19. Mrs. Moore gave the cautionary tale of an ex-student who applied for English because she: loved modern post 19th century literature only to find the course and university she went to only covered: pre-19th century literature! Recently, an ex-IST student studying computer science mentioned his disappointment at the lack of Java and Javascript programming on his course and was investigating ta change university.

    20. A wide range of related courses – what do you actually know how to do? International Business Management Dundee University . . . with Accountancy & Finance . . . with Marketing . . . with Environmental Sustainability Kent University . . . with a year in Europe Salford University . . . with one years Professional Experience Manchester University . . . with American Business Studies . . . with a Language Exchange programmes Established exchange programmes also give you the opportunity to complete part of your degree in Europe, Canada or the United States through the Erasmus and Transatlantic Student Exchange Schemes. University of Salford: Prof Experience All one year placement positions are paid. The average salary in 2008-9 was £14,000. Unlike most Universities in the UK, BSc students do not have to pay any fees for theplacement year Find Placements at our Placement Fair. Click on « find out more » at the bottom of the UCAS course page.

    21. Unistats Lots of similar sites for US universities, but not for non-UK EU universities

    22. General site for all UK Higher education administrative enquiries CHOOSING A UNIVERSITY • Open Days: Please use holidays where possible •

    23. University Prospectuses CHOOSING A UNIVERSITY • Use UCAS’s list of UK universities and quickly click on the link of those universities that interest you. • • Prospectuses or and enter the university and course that interest you and follow the link.

    24. Some UNIVERSITIES are more in demand, and therefore more competitive, than others • Popularity of the Institution (available at UCAS link below): • LSE: 19,672 applications 1 416 accepted 7% • Swansea IHE: 3 782 applications 1 173 accepted 31% • All institutions: 2 355 069 applications 413 430 accepted 18% • Excellent, searchable database of % of successful candidates by course and university available here: Durham Geography 360 points 32 IB 15+/20 Bournemouth Geography 180 points 23 IB 10/20

    25. Some SUBJECTS are more in demand, and therefore more competitive, than others The COURSE

    26. Popular University and Course = Very Competitive COURSE & UNIVERSITY

    27. FINANCES

    28. Scottish Universities Average Fees : £1820 ≈ €2 057 Example: EDINBURGH university (world ranking: 54) University world rankings: Dundee University Glasgow University No HOME student loan: to cover accomodation and living costs, available to UK citizens who choose to attend a Scottish University. Scottish Student Awards for tuition fees:

    29. EU, US, UK Tuition Comparisons Living Costs and support with living expenses generally cheaper in EU than in UK and US. UBC, Canada, ranked 22nd in the world: ($1 canadian = 0.78€) What about the QUALITY? see following slides

    30. Private & Public Unis PRIVATE unis PUBLIC unis In second place? Princeton University, which boasts nearly nonexistent student debt rates due to one of the most generous financial aid programs in the nation. Outside of Princeton and Harvard (#6), Ivy League schools fare relatively poorly, suggesting that their reputations might be a bit overblown.  Yale (#14), Brown (#21) and Dartmouth (#30) crack the top 5%, but the other Ivies – Columbia (#42), Cornell (#51) University of Pennsylvania (#52) — do not.


    32. League tables in Spain, France,Holland, Switz, Germany etc? As far as I am aware, linked to the fact that these are state financed, and the different university entrance requirements in Germany from one university to another for different Lände, there are no league tables in Spain or Germany. « Le Figaro » published the first ever league tables for French universities two years ago.

    33. French League tables • See the French section of the IST Careers website (under « School Life ») for link to the full league tables document.

    34. Non-UK, EU World Rankings University world rankings from The Times 2011-12. Alternative tables: but significant anglophone bias with “Papers published in Nature and Science*” waited 20%

    35. World Rankings Methodology • Our rankings of the top universities across the globe employ 13 separate performance indicators designed to capture the full range of university activities, from teaching to research to knowledge transfer. These 13 elements are brought together into five headline categories, which are: • Teaching — the learning environment (worth 30% of the overall ranking score) • Research — volume, income and reputation (worth 30% ) : influence and reputation can be strongly influenced by the number of publications in English language papers and journals • Citations — research influence (worth 30% ) • Industry income — innovation (worth 2.5% ) • International outlook — staff, students and research (worth 7.5% ).

    36. French University Applications The school writes a reference for you and explains the IB programme. Sends a transcript of your end of Y12 grades and Y13 oct, Xmas and march grades as well as you most recent Y13 report. 20th January to 20th March of Y13

    37. US Universities Thanks to Jacob SALANT and Amy Stiwell for their help in compiling this informationIST leavers in 2009 and 2011 respectively see Careers > US universities for the full presentations

    38. US and Canadian University Applications • Applications: range from October to March of Y13 • US citizens: must do SAT or ACT and prehaps subject specific SAT depending on the course and the university being applied to. • Non-US citizens: Mrs Stilwell, Mr/Mrs Jennings coming to the parent session to talk about this, none of our IST non-US citizen students have had to sit an SAT or ACT. Reference and IB points have been sufficient. Ivy Leagues will require students to do at least Subject Specific SAT • See School Life > Careers > US universities web area.

    39. SAT/ACT Test Centres in France June 2nd(register by 8th May) at IST, October at other centres. January(?) INTL SCH SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS AMERICAN SCH PARIS INT SCH TOULOUSE SCH YEAR ABROAD FRANCE CITE SCOLAIRE INTLE LYON

    40. US College Rankings • • Based on Student Happiness • Tuition Prices • Class Sizes • Admission Difficulty • Professor Skill and Rank • Best Value • Most Friendly • Diversity • Ex: Harvard and Princeton are number 1 Brandeis is 31

    41. US College Rankings 2011: Forbes

    42. US Rankings Methodology

    43. US Tuition Very good website for info on « average debt at graduation », « average needs based aid » and « average non-needs aid » etc: 4 year College Courses Public • $8,244 in-state • $12,526 Out-of-state • 44 % undergrads four-year college: less than$9,000 /yr Private • 28 % private nonprofit: $36,000+/yr. • Average: $28,500/yr tuition and fees. 2 yr College Courses • Average: $2,963.

    44. Price  • Tuition =$31,100 • Fees =$1,500 • Room & Board = $10,900 Total$43,500 • $43 500 - 12 000 - 1 000 – 10,900 (second year only) = $19 600 In Euros = 15,241 Jobs on campus are also available ! Lynn University Florida

    45. Aid & Debt: Private Colleges

    46. Aid & Debt : Public Colleges

    47. Admissions • 34 points in IB, no SAT required Ability to enter in the following scholarships • Between 6,000 and 12,000 dollars awarded.  • National Merit Scholarship = Full tuition up to 16 credits per semester • Dean's Scholarship = $12,000 per academic year (70% for tuition, 30% for dormitory) • Merit Scholarship = $10,000 per academic year (70% for tuition, 30% for dormitory) • Academic Grant = $6,000 per academic year (70% for tuition, 30% for dormitory) • Honors Program =$1,000 per year

    48. Living On/Nearby Campus • Most universities and colleges require first and second year students to live on campus. This is for safety and community building purposes. If your guardian lives right by your school, they can opt to have you live at home. • Underclassmen live in dorms. Freshmen dorms tend to have 1-3 people per room with some exceptions. • Sophomore dorms are nicer and tend to be either singles or suites. • Once an upperclassmen, you can choose to stay on campus in upper level dorms, which are very nice, but most people move into houses or apartments in the nearby town. There are benefits and downfalls to this. Transportation is harder, but most schools have some sort of free public transportation system, to make it easy. • Upperclassmen move off campus mainly for more freedom, better food, and to have parties. • Living off campus is cheaper for the most part, even including all expenses for food, heating and electricity and bills.

    49. On Campus Benefits • When you live on or nearby campus, you have access to a number of free and convenient aspects that the school has to offer. • Free shuttles and trains to and from neighboring schools and nearby areas. • Schools tend to host a number of events from concerts, to shows, to providing auditoriums for guest speakers. Most of these things are free or are extremely cheap for students. • Every student has access to facilities, paid for by the school’s endowment. From indoor tracks to swimming facilities, to gyms or pubs: most schools are enabled with a variety of activities for students, and they’re free! • Living on campus means 24/7 access to medical facilities and police protection. Campus patrol is always around, and campus medical support is there from minor injuries to extreme intoxications, always free of charge. • Free counseling and psychiatry is always available, not to mention the unlimited access to mentors, guidance counselors, tutors, and career managers.

    50. Useful Links • • • • •