Physical regions of canada
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Physical Regions of Canada. How can Canada be divided into physical regions?. Appalachian Region. Southeastern USA to Maritimes Varied landscape of rolling hills, valleys, small mountains , highlands and coastal fjords

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Physical regions of canada
Physical Regions of Canada

How can Canada be divided into physical regions?

Appalachian region
Appalachian Region

  • Southeastern USA to Maritimes

  • Varied landscape of rolling hills, valleys, small mountains, highlands and coastal fjords

    • What is left of an older mountain range worn down by glaciers and millions of years of erosion

  • Sedimentary rock

  • Igneous rock

  • Metamorphic rock

Canadian shield region
Canadian Shield Region

  • ½ of Canada’s land surface

    • Hardest rigid blocks, surrounded by younger continental landforms

  • Once volcanic mountain range

  • 2 billion years old

  • Sparcely populated, little soil fertility

  • Full of valuable minerals: gold, nickel, platinum, diamonds etc.

Arctic region
Arctic Region

  • Untapped mineral reserves

St lawrence lowlands
St. Lawrence Lowlands

  • Between Lake Huron, Erie and Ontario

  • Glacial melt created great lake and fertile soil surrounding St. Lawrence

Niagara Falls – created by glacier activity

Millions of years ago.

Interior plains
Interior Plains

  • Stretched from Cordillera mountians to Canadian shield

  • Mostly flat land rolling hills and river valleys

  • Millions of years ago was tropical climate – over time remains pressed between sedimentary layers to form large deposits of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas and evaoritessuch as potash

  • Evaporite– type of sedimentary deposit resulting from the evaporation of seawater


  • Parallel mountain ranges

    • Includes dormant volcanoes, glaciers, ice fields

  • Rocky and Coastal mountains

  • Formed by plate collision caused the earth’s crust to buckle, pushing and folding volcanic rock into mountains.

  • Plate movement called plate tectonics

Climates of canada
Climates of Canada

  • Climate - temperatures, humidity, rainfall, and atmospheric conditions of a region over a long period of time

  • Continental climate – climate of continents interior

  • Maritime climate – a coastal climate

  • Conditions that affect Canada’s regions (old p.104, new p.25)

    • Latitude

    • Altitude

    • Distance from the sea

    • Wind direction

    • Ocean direction

  • Prince Rupert, Edmonton, and St.John’s are all app. same latitude, yet have different climates. What are the main reason the climate of each city is different from the other two?

  • Climographs old p 105 new p 26 precipitation and temperature
    Climographs (old p.105, new p.26)precipitation and temperature

    • Precipitation - Rainfall, snow, hail and fog – varies by region

    • Climographs– show average monthly temp. with line graph and monthly precipitation with bar graph

    Climate change
    Climate Change

    • Past 200 years world’s become more industrialized and burns massive amounts of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) - trapped green house gases in atmosphere

    • Greenhouse effect – change of weather patterns

    • List 3 impacts climate change has had on your community. In what ways has if affected you and your family? (socially, economicaly, politically?)