physiographic regions of canada
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Physiographic Regions of Canada

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Physiographic Regions of Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physiographic Regions of Canada . Physiographic Regions. Western Cordillera Intermountain Region Arctic Region Interior Plains Canadian Shield Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands Appalachian. Western Cordillera. Made up of Volcanic and Fold mountains

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physiographic regions
Physiographic Regions

Western Cordillera

Intermountain Region

Arctic Region

Interior Plains

Canadian Shield

Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands


western cordillera
Western Cordillera

Made up of Volcanic and Fold mountains

Temperate rainforest with deciduous and coniferous trees

High precipitation caused by cool air moving from the Pacific Ocean towards the mountains

intermountain region
Intermountain Region

In between the Rocky Mountains and the Coastal Mountains

Dry region with desert-like characteristics

Deep lakes surrounded by fertile soil

arctic region
Arctic Region

Lowest amount of precipitation

Very cold throughout most of the year

Sparse vegetation due to lack of rain and harsh conditions


glaciers and permafrost

interior plains
Interior Plains

Large region with very fertile soil left from ancient glacial lake deposits of silt

low, rolling hills

very warm summers and very cold winters

canadian shield
Canadian Shield

Rocky terrain with shallow soil deposits caused by ancient glacial movement

Ore deposits

Coniferous and deciduous forests

largest region in Canada

great lakes st lawrence lowlands
Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands

Smallest region bordering the Great Lakes and the banks of the St. Lawrence River

Very fertile soil make it optimal for farming

appalachian region
Appalachian Region

Low, fold mountains that have been eroded

Ore deposits

Prime fishing off the coast due to the Grand Banks (underwater shelf where warm and cold currents meet to form thriving aquatic environment)