to flac or not to flac that is the question n.
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To FLAC or not to FLAC, that is the question? PowerPoint Presentation
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To FLAC or not to FLAC, that is the question?

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To FLAC or not to FLAC, that is the question? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To FLAC or not to FLAC, that is the question?. Presented by: Anita Bender, Payroll Manager and Mum Martens, Senior Manager of Employment and Training Oakton Community College – Des Plaines and Skokie May 21, 2013. Session Rules of Etiquette. Thank you for your cooperation!.

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to flac or not to flac that is the question

To FLAC or not to FLAC, that is the question?

Presented by: Anita Bender, Payroll Manager and Mum Martens, Senior Manager of Employment and Training

Oakton Community College – Des Plaines and Skokie

May 21, 2013

session rules of etiquette
Session Rules of Etiquette

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please turn off your cell phone/pager

If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible

Please avoid side conversation during the session

  • To determine if FLAC is a product that your institution can benefit from.
    • Accommodate multiple schedule types per course and factor those appropriately in compensation calculations
    • Faculty can review online summary and detail of their compensation
    • Faculty can view load and compensation information by term, course and position/suffix
    • Eliminating manual data entry and errors, provides consistent accuracy in data
    • Allows both parties insert comments on their records
why oakton went with flac
Why Oakton went with FLAC?
  • Flexibility to break FLAC into multiple projects
  • Credit and Non-Credit Implementation
    • Credit: Live Spring 2011
    • Non-Credit: Live Summer 2012
  • Looking to review how we handle over load payments for full-time faculty
faculty compensation general flow
Faculty Compensation - General Flow

Banner Student Faculty Record, Assignments, & Load Data

Banner HR Employee Information

Extract Process for Compensation Calculations and View

Process rules and system controls

Administrator & Academic executives can view faculty course compensation summaries and details

Administrator verifies load, assignments, and completes faculty rates

faculty compensation general flow1
Faculty Compensation - General Flow

Job information created and is marked as ‘apply’

Academic executive can revise and/or lock the final compensation record

Faculty member can view and acknowledge compensation details

Compensation data is applied to Banner HR to NBAJOBS

  • What is your current process?
    • Spreadsheets
      • Data was manually entered by division offices and Human Resources
    • Credit side – salary schedules were determined by contract
    • Non-Credit
      • No salary schedules – a larger view of how faculty were paid
  • Team
    • Payroll
    • Human Resources
    • Division Offices
      • Banner interaction
    • Informational Technology
    • Student
      • Academic Administration
    • Alliance (non-credit)

Contract Types

Establish contract types: by functional area


CE- Continuing Education

FR – ALL Flat Rate

HC - ALL Head Count

  • Credit
    • AM = Applied Music
    • CL – Clinical
    • CO – Coach
    • LI – Library
    • NI – Non-Instructional
    • PT – Part Time
  • Schedule Types
    • DLE - Discussion/Lecture
    • DLI - Discussion/Lecture/In District
    • IAT - Interactive TV/Distance Learning
    • IND - Independent Study
    • INF - Internship/Filed Study
    • INT - Internet Course
    • LAC - Lab/Clinical
    • LAD - Lab/Lab Discussion
    • TOU - Tour
    • TV - TV
  • Salary schedules
    • Salary Table
      • PTVFLCL – Faculty Compensation Level Validation
      • STVNIST – Faculty non-instructional code validation
      • PTRNIST – Faculty load and compensation non-instructional rules
      • PTVFLIC – Incremental compensation code validation form
      • PTRFLIC – Faculty load incremental compensation rule
        • Credit and Non-Credit
          • Prep time
going live1
Going Live
  • Met weekly and scheduled open labs
    • Allowed employees to come and have a space to lock records and work together
    • Payroll was available to answer questions and trouble shoot
    • Re-run PEPFLAC as necessary on individual level
  • Timeline
    • Once current payroll finished, Payroll immediately runs PEPFLAC for the next pay period
    • Division offices have about 10 working days to review and lock records
going live2
Going Live
  • Customizations and Modifications
    • Run PEPFLAC bi-weekly bringing in any new records where the course started during the specific payroll dates
    • Two specific jobs payroll runs before PEPFLAC
      • Assigns position number
      • Assigns the next suffix number
    • A job that changes the default Reg Pay to our specific earn code
      • Spring faculty pay
    • Ability on SSB to change the workload
      • Can be done on SIAASGN, but SSB was more efficient for our process
    • Modified download data to include additional information for auditing purposes
    • A job that downloads data for our board packets that include: name, ID, rate, start and end date of class
  • Always evolving process
    • Establish user groups
  • Comments
    • Use comments in SSB – follow trail
  • Contact payroll to re-run PEPFLAC for specific individuals during a pay period if there have been changes
    • Don’t want to unlock all the other records
  • Decided not to do compensation and acknowledgement
    • Changes are being made up until the payroll starting
    • Know our faculty and the consensus was that faculty would not be reviewing them
our unique challenges
Our Unique Challenges
  • How we use position and suffix numbers
    • Running out of suffix numbers
  • Once recorded is extracted and applied changes are processed manually via a spreadsheet
  • Is work to set up and determine processes, but more efficient and accurate
  • Better service to our employees – view their payment history
    • Faculty are able to see what they are being paid for – inquiries regarding payments have decreased
  • Division offices have a better picture of assignments coming out of their area and others if the instructor is teaching across divisions
Questions ?

Thank you!

Contact Information

Ms. Anita Bender, Payroll Manager or 847-635-1755

Ms. Mum Martens, Senior Manager of Employment and Training or 847-635-1664