The maya civilization
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The Maya Civilization. By: Amineh, Ian, Jeff, & Shivram . Table of Contents. Government Religion Agriculture Cultural & Scientific Contributions Location Bibliography. Government.

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The maya civilization

The Maya Civilization

By: Amineh, Ian, Jeff, & Shivram

Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • Government

  • Religion

  • Agriculture

  • Cultural & Scientific Contributions

  • Location

  • Bibliography


  • The Mayan government was a monarchy. But there was no one ruler; There were emperors that governed each city-state

  • Mayan chiefs were called bataboobs. Emperors were in the main seat of power. Priests were also regarded with much respect.

A depiction of a Mayan city-state



  • They were polytheistic; they worshiped the elements, thus creating a god for each element. Some gods were the god of corn (Yun Kaax) and the god of rainbows (Ix Chel).

  • The Mayans made sacrificial offerings to the gods and had brutal punishments for prisoners.

An ancient Mayan temple

One of the gods of the Mayan religion


  • Corn, called maize, was the most important crop. Others were beans, papaya, watermelon, chilies, squash, sweet potatoes, and cotton

  • They trained dogs to help hunt

  • Other practices are hunting, honey-collecting, and building canals for irrigation

Corn, or maize was the Mayan’s main crop

Cultural scientific contributions
Cultural & Scientific Contributions

  • The Mayan contributions to culture were music, architecture (temples, pyramids), crafting, goldsmith, and most importantly, writing

  • The Mayan people made herbal medicines, and discovered the first 365 - day calendar

This is the Mayan calendar.


  • Near the Gulf of Mexico

  • The Maya were located primarily in Mexico, but were also found in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize


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