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The Maya

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The Maya. The Maya. The Mayans were the first Native Americans to develop a written language. Why the Maya?. The Maya grew most of their food. They ate corn/maize the most. They also hunted and had animal farms. Why the Maya?. Tapir. Iguana. Maize. Shrimp. Dog. Manatee.

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why the maya1

The Maya grew most of their food. They ate corn/maize the most. They also hunted and had animal farms.

Why the Maya?







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Mayans had many urban centers throughout the Yucatan. In the center there would be pyramid temples and palaces. There were also roads, market places and stadiums (for their Rubber Ballgame). Outside of the urban centers were homes and farms.

The Maya


Temple and Plaza

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The Maya were polytheistic. They believed in many gods and goddesses. Most of these had to do with nature and space. They had holidays, rituals, holy books and stories. They also believed in souls and an afterlife.

The Maya

Itzamna- The Creator

The god of Maize

the maya4

Government: Each part of the Yucatan peninsula was ruled by a different monarchy. Each city had a king that ruled the people near it.

The Maya

the maya5

In 900 AD, evidence shows that the Maya started to leave their cities and scatter throughout central Americas. These cities that used to be some of the biggest in the world were suddenly abandoned. Historians are still not sure why this happened- there are many theories: drought, war and disease are the three most common. THIS COLLAPSE OF EMPIRE DID NOT GET RID OF ALL MAYANS! THEY JUST MOVED AND STARTED OVER!

The Maya