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IDA 7.6 – New Features: Pluglets (“Macros for Eclipse”)

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IDA 7.6 – New Features: Pluglets (“Macros for Eclipse”) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IDA 7.6 – New Features: Pluglets (“Macros for Eclipse”). Contents. New Pluglets Feature in IDA 7.6 Pluglets, some background Install option “Run Pluglets” menu Installed Sample pluglets Develop Custom pluglets Trouble Shooting & Known Limitations Extra Slides Sample pluglet enablement

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Presentation Transcript
  • New Pluglets Feature in IDA 7.6
    • Pluglets, some background
    • Install option
    • “Run Pluglets” menu
    • Installed Sample pluglets
    • Develop Custom pluglets
  • Trouble Shooting & Known Limitations
  • Extra Slides
    • Sample pluglet enablement
    • Useful resources
pluglets background
Pluglets – Background

Need for scripting/macros:

  • Automate common tasks and task flows
  • Execute tasks in bulk (batch mode)
  • Customize existing product functions
  • Overcome product short-comings or missing links in particular workflows
  • Adding very specialized functionality
pluglets background 2
Pluglets – Background (2)

“Macros for Eclipse”

  • A pluglet is a simple Java source file with plugletmain(…) method
  • pluglet.xml lists Eclipse/IDA plug-ins are required by the pluglets

 this controls the pluglet classpath, both at compile and at runtime

  • Compile and run in the same workspace (Java perspective)
  • Pluglet output in console view
pluglets background 3
Pluglets – Background (3)


  • specifies which Eclipse plug-ins are visible to the pluglets in the pluglets project
    • controls the pluglet classpath, both at compile and at runtime
run pluglet menu
Run Pluglet menu
  • Run pluglets from selection in Data Project Explorer (DPE) or on a Data Diagram (IE notation only)
  • Task groups contain installed sample pluglets
  • Register Pluglets to run custom Pluglets on the objects selected in DPE or on Diagram


  • Pluglets are enabled based on the selected objects in DPE or on Diagram
pluglet task groups
Pluglet Task Groups
  • Connectivity Tasks
  • Deployment Tasks
  • Diagram Tasks (IE notation diagrams only, not UML diagrams)
  • Model Navigation Tasks
  • Model Tasks
  • Reporting Tasks
  • Transformation Tasks
  • Custom Tasks
installed sample pluglets
Installed Sample Pluglets
  • Diagram Tasks
    • Apply Domain Entity Color (enabled on: logical diagram)
    • Color Logical Only Attributes (enabled on: logical diagram)
  • Model Navigation Tasks
    • Select Objects By Name (enabled on: DPE or diagram (IE notation))
  • Model Tasks
    • Change Owning Schema For All Indexes/ ~ Tables / ~ Views (enabled: PDM or database - LUW/Z)
    • Change Table Space For All Tables (enabled on: PDM or database - LUW/Z)
    • Name Indexes (enabled on: PDM, database, schema)
    • Remove All Auxiliary Tables (enabled on: physical data model, database, schema – DB2 for Z)
    • Set Attributes of Selected Entities to Required (enabled on: entities)
    • Set Selected Tables Columns Not Null (enabled on: base tables – not Views, MQTs)
    • Set Default Values (enabled on: tables, columns)
    • Update Foreign Key Documentation from Primary Key (on entities, base tables – not Views, MQTs)
  • Reporting Tasks
    • Calculate Table and Column Length (enabled on: PDM, database - LUW/Z)
developing custom pluglets1
Developing Custom Pluglets

Java perspective:

  • File > New > Pluglet  New Pluglet wizard
  • Select from existing pluglet templates:Modeling Tasks > Data Pluglet... basic code stubs with //TODO: tags will be created automatically
registering custom pluglets
Registering Custom Pluglets

Data Perspective:

  • Run Pluglet > Register Pluglets… new pluglet is added to Task Group
browse sample pluglets java pers
Browse sample pluglets (Java pers.)
  • Click Edit Pluglet to show Sample Pluglet source code
ida 7 6 pluglet plugins and source
IDA 7.6 Pluglet plugins and source
  • – Sample pluglets (+source code)
  • – Common tasks and dialogs (APIs)
  • – UI integration (‘Run Pluglet’ menu)
debugging pluglets
Debugging Pluglets

See RSA v8 Documentation (link on last slide):

  • Add the debug arguments to the “eclipse.ini” file after the “-vmargs” workbench argument-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8000
  • Modify your desktop shortcut, add the “-vmargs” workbench argument as above
  • Start your Product (IDA)
  • Run Pluglet Debugger from the Internal Tools menu
  • The workbench that will come up actually drives the debug session start debugging by selecting the pluglet from the Internal Tools shortcuts
trouble shooting known limitations
Trouble Shooting & Known Limitations
  • No Sample Pluglets show
    • check install option, is selected object enabled for pluglets?
  • Custom pluglets can't compile
    • pluglets.xmlmust contain the referenced plugins
  • Registering pluglets doesn't work
    • no plugletmain() method
    • not implemented getName() method? …each pluglet needs unique name
    • no task group set? …implement getTaskGroups() method
    • Check Error Log for error messages (Window > Show View > Error Log)

Known defects & limitations:

    • Pluglets not available on UML diagrams (only on IE notation diagrams)
    • Compilation Error in CalculateTableColumnLenghtPluglet when importing sample pluglet plugin
    • Set Default Values pluglet:
      • only enabled for physical models
      • throws NPE when columns in table have User Defined Type
    • Select Objects By Name pluglet:
      • only selects immediate children of selected object in DPE
      • selected object in DPE need to be expanded in order to select any children
      • on diagram, when selected columns in multiple tables, right-click on selected column will lose selection
known issues cont d
Known issues (cont’d)
  • Problem: Compilation error in imported Sample Pluglets source plugin
  • Work-around: import the missing plugin into the Java workspace
helpful resources
Helpful Resources
  • RSA v8 Pluglets Documentation:
  • Developer Works article:
  • Video tutorial:“Create Pluglets”:
  • Developer works – Code examples: