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your company in today s online world n.
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Your company in today’s online world. PowerPoint Presentation
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Your company in today’s online world.

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Your company in today’s online world.
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Your company in today’s online world.

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  1. Your company in today’s online world. How to build it Quicker, faster and consistently in today’s high speed environment

  2. Examples of what marketing means to you ….

  3. Marketing techniques (Old Method) What have we used/have done in the past Newspapers Ads Yellow pages Mailers (Snail mail) Newsletters Person to Person (why – building relationships) THESE STILL WORK in some capacities.

  4. But their time is passing and they are MUCH more expensive! • 5 years • 10 years Don’t believe it…?????

  5. Internet functioning in 1969 (1974) WWW - 1991 >>>> Google – 1996 <<<<<< Wireless – 2003/4 I Pad – 2010

  6. How we did Business ….. Used to be (1990 +/-): Letters (Mail) BAG phones Pagers Roll up paper faxes (1995)

  7. How we do business in today’s world …. Instant messaging and responses Blackberries I phones • I – Pads …. WOW I have GOT to get one of these…  Things are happening MUCH faster and quicker in today’s digital world.

  8. Small Tablets (computers) Pocket PC’s Smart Phones E-books

  9. Why are people “surfing” the net? I A D D

  10. Internet Attention Deficit Disorder Today’s world is FAST… and getting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FASTER!!!!!!

  11. During the course of this conversation on internet marketing, please remember two (2) things IADD Homer Simpson

  12. Who has a website? More than one website? Why ??? Would you have MORE than one website?

  13. Websites “just sit there” … Do you USE it? Are people USING it? Are people SEEING IT? Are “online” people seeing you if they are not “seeing” your website?

  14. We are not talking about “just” a website… we are talking about an advanced tool that you can use to enhance your sales. What does the website of today look like… how do we help them to SEE US!? WEB 3.0 (4.0)

  15. Any doubters at this point?

  16. A T & T

  17. AT & T .COM

  18. How do we help them to FIND US! NEW METHODS…. Key words Articles Blogs Squeeze pages Video! SOCIAL Networking

  19. Social Networking sites Craigslist Twitter Linked In My Space Face book (Week of March 8, 2010) ++++++ >>>>MORE!

  20. When you USE all of the aforementioned, you are “driving” people to you. DRIVING PEOPLE TO YOUR COMPANY

  21. How do we do “get the word out’ over the internet while using all of the above? Inorganic Organic

  22. Inorganic – you PAY for this Ad-words PPC Positioning

  23. Organic When you build it, they will come Using what the search engines will Recognize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  24. When someone is looking for something on the Internet, they do >>> what …?

  25. GOOGLE IT! Yahoo Bing They are using a Search Engine to “find something” (or a company)… do you want them to find your company???

  26. When they “Google it”, they can be surfing OR they can be looking for specific key words.

  27. On Google, where do you want to be? This is called … Ranking! 1 – 2 -3 Page ONE 1!

  28. How does this all work … ? Google • Algorithms (A.I.) Searching over 25.2 BILLION web pages (early 2009 estimate) • Spiders – searching (think “The MATRIX”) Google saves three – four previous searches… so they are not starting their searches over every time.

  29. Keywords (remember Homer?) • Fire • Water • Restoration Key phrases • Fire and Water • Water Restoration • Water Mitigation • Fire and Water Restoration in “X” ( city, county, etc)

  30. Articles Articles BUILD your online credentials

  31. Blogs – WEBlog Personalize it Articles on them – about you/your company.

  32. Squeeze pages Should capture their interest… remember IADD ? You have “ x ” seconds …. How long do you think that you have to to capture their interest?

  33. The purpose of squeeze pages is to: Capture their information! What: Name and E-mail address … How : we give them a “free report” about your company in exchange for their Information.

  34. Once we have their info, we are now able to “drip” information BACK to them on a regular basis… We use a contact manager such as: Constant Contact A Webber Infusionsoft

  35. Not only can you “drip” market them but you can also: Send them e-blasts (adjusters) Annoucements Newsletters

  36. The Number one thing on the web that draws attention to you and RANKS you higher is …. VIDEO Can you name one video site on the Internet? What about …. AUDIO!?

  37. How do we learn? Communicate? SEEING – Video Hearing – Audio These two things “build relationships”

  38. Social Networking • Face book • My Space • Twitter • Linked In ALL of your social networking has to be “linked back” to your website ….

  39. THIS could be very important You can set up your area that people are searching by: • Zip Code • City • State • Region • Nationally The more “national” it is, the more you have to do to “rank it” higher.

  40. So, what is the objective of all of this? GET MORE PEOPLE SEEING YOU SO THAT YOU CAN GET …. MORE BUSINESS!

  41. Four critical parts to a website Connect Convey Capture Convert

  42. Connect How do they find you… Multiple sources of getting to you and getting your name “out on the Web”.

  43. Convey What are you working at conveying to the people that are visiting any of your areas of contact? What is the message?

  44. Capture Their imagination OR curiosity and THEN, THEIR INFORMATION…

  45. Convert Ultimately, any form of marketing is to convert your contacts to sales. You will be continuously monitoring your site to see who is “buying” or is NOT buying. Then, you will review and revise on a regular basis.

  46. Five biggest website mistakes • No opt – in • No sequential auto responder • No testimonials • No action is required • No “sales cycle” direction

  47. In Closing…. Are you Behind Even Ahead

  48. THANKS to my Internet Mentors Ken Auriella for the info on Google Sam Bell Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer (No BS Marketing) Colin Egbert

  49. Contact info: Martin D. Jocz, CMR