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SETTING THE CONTEXT. for the GOVERNMENT ACTIONS REGULATION WORKSHOP. Forest and Range Practices Act. Governs forest and range practices on Crown land in British Columbia Came into effect January 2004 It is a “results-based” approach

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setting the context


for the


forest and range practices act
Forest and Range Practices Act
  • Governs forest and range practices on Crown land in British Columbia
  • Came into effect January 2004
  • It is a “results-based” approach
    • Government sets clear objectives and some default practices – front end
    • Industry and professionals deliver through planning and practices on the ground – the how to’s
    • Monitor for compliance and effectiveness – feedback loop
  • Government establishes clear objectives around values to be maintained under FRPA
    • Objectives Set By Government ( OSBG) ( FRPA s149 and s 93.4 Land Act)
    • Objectives set in Regulation ( FPPR)
    • Government Actions Regulation ( GAR) ( FRPA s 150)
    • Grand-parented from the Code ( FRPA s 181)
  • 11 FRPA values

Soils Fish

Visual Quality Wildlife

Timber Biodiversity

Forage and related Recreation resources

plant communities Resource features

Water Cultural Heritage resources

hierarchy of objectives
May “conflict” withHierarchy of Objectives

Land Use Objectives(LA)

Objectives set in Regulation (eg. FPPR)

ObjectivesEnabled in Regulation(GAR)

Must be consistent with

gar orders
GAR Orders
  • Objectives
  • Areas designations
  • Measures, and
  • Features
  • Process requirements for GAR orders
importance of gar to frpa
Importance of GAR to FRPA
  • FRPA envisions stewardship based on finding the right balance between:
    • A range or forest tenure holders economic interests
    • Sustainability of the provinces forest and range resource
    • Protection of the publics non-timber values
  • Actions under GAR are critical to the success of FRPA when done collaboratively and co-operatively
gar policy and procedure
GAR Policy and Procedure
  • Provides one of the basis for these workshops
  • Administrative document prepared by PFIT in 2006 and signed off by the Dep. Minister’s ( Forest, MoE, MTSA, ILMB)
  • LUOR vs GAR document
  • Available on PFIT’s website

what else is going on
What else is going on?
  • Provincial FRPA Implementation Team ( PFIT) is going one step further

- co-ordination of government agencies for all actions under the Objectives pillar

- revisions to the GAR policy and procedures based on workshop

  • Bulletin – clarifies FSP requirements when implementing new objectives
  • FRPA is a fundamentally important piece of legislation governing the management of the forest and range resources of BC
  • Success for the GAR component depends on:
    • A common understanding of the legislation
    • A common understanding of how the GAR authorities are administered
    • The appropriate establishment of GAR authorities
    • Positive relationships that lead to a collaboration, co-operative approach
    • Partnership and information sharing with government agencies and industry, and
    • Effectiveness monitoring to make sure the need is met through time