wynn reading and writing support for struggling learners l.
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WYNN: Reading and Writing Support for Struggling Learners PowerPoint Presentation
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WYNN: Reading and Writing Support for Struggling Learners

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WYNN: Reading and Writing Support for Struggling Learners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WYNN: Reading and Writing Support for Struggling Learners
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  1. WYNN:Reading and Writing Support for Struggling Learners Renee Clark Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group 1-888-223-3344, ext. 127 www.freedomscientific.com/lsg

  2. What Is WYNN? • PC Software that provides bi-modal access to scanned text, electronic files and the Internet • Includes tools to customize the reading environment, increase comprehension, and support writing • Enables people to work with content that is challenging to read • Used in educational, adult literacy, and employment settings to support struggling readers

  3. WYNN Versions WYNN Wizard – scanning capability (OCR) to access print files; also accesses electronic text, Internet WYNN Reader – identical to WYNN Wizard, but without scanning software built in Network Version – install on unlimited number of networked PCs for specified number of simultaneous users

  4. Overview of Basic Interface Four, color-coded tool bars Blue: File Management Tool Bar – Email and Web Green: Reading Options Tool Bar Pink: Study Tools Tool Bar Yellow: Writing Tool Bar Ease-of-use, uncluttered reading environment

  5. How Do You Get Info into WYNN? Must have WYNN Wizard to: • Scan: print materials using a flat-bed scanner • Freedom Import Printer: import a file from any application in your choice of color or black and white With WYNN Wizard or WYNN Reader can also: • New: Create a new document • Open: existing files or files from disk • Go to Web: browse the Internet and bring text into WYNN

  6. Using Exact View/Text View • Exact View • Exact image of original document • Look at graphics, especially labeled diagrams • Read from specified part of page (i.e. read column 2) • Text View • highly modifiable electronic text • Read in preferred size, spacing, colors • Address visual processing difficulties • In either view, Highlight, add Voice Notes, add Text Notes

  7. Exact View/Text View - Hands On • Click the Open button, then double-click skin.wyn • Click the Read button to read in text view • Click on Exact View to see the image of the page • Click on the Read button to read in Exact View • Click on the Text View button • Notice that you are in the same spot in the document in both views

  8. Modifying the Reading Environment Address visual processing difficulties Size, spacing, margins, text/background color Address auditory processing difficulties Rate of speech, pause between sentences, reading increments Single click provides immediate results Empowers user with independence and control over reading environment Each user’s preferences automatically saved

  9. Via Voice or AT&T Speech Go to Settings Menu, Speech Settings Under Synthesizer: choose Via Voice or SAPI 5 Various languages are available for each synthesizer Speech preferences are automatically saved

  10. Studying with WYNNStudy tools now available in Text View and Exact View! • Embed text or voice notes in the text • Highlight main ideas and details • Paraphrase main ideas and details • Learn vocabulary • Create study guides • Create an active reading environment

  11. Learning Vocabulary – Hands on Open Skin.wyn (if it’s not already open) Choose a Highlighter pen and Highlight 5 words Use the List button to create a separate document Look up the first word in the Dictionary Select a definition from the dictionary, click Copy to Clipboard, then Close the dictionary On the yellow tool bar click the Paste button With a Voice Note, use the word in your own sentence.

  12. Internet Access with WYNN From Blue tool bar, click “Go to Web” Interactive bi-modal web access within WYNN Custom Web Tool Bar provides just the buttons needed for web browsing Read in choice of views

  13. WYNN’s Custom Web Tool Bar Available under Settings menu, Retrieve Settings All web browsing functions on one tool bar Facilitates easy transfer of information Provides easy access to dictionary

  14. Three Ways to from the Web Read from the original (Exact) view WebMask™ feature for reducing visual clutter while reading from original view Text View to read with customized visual settings (all links still live)

  15. Writing with WYNN Hear what you write, see your text in your preferred visual settings Style button to add bold, italics, underline attributes Word prediction to help keep pace with flow of ideas and with spelling Spell Check as You Type (misspelled words show up in blue) Homophone support (get definitions for homophones) Outlining to help with organization

  16. Word Prediction Suggests words while writing Do a right mouse click to hear a word spoken Learns vocabulary and syntax from typing Can “learn” text from any document (scanned, Internet, etc.)

  17. The Writing Challenge • A complex task for those with learning disabilities • Involves integration of numerous skills • These skills are often areas of weakness including: • Gathering information (research) • Planning/Organizing • Spelling • Visual Processing

  18. WYNN’s Writing Tools Auditory feedback while writing Cut/Copy/Paste functions on a button Style button to add bold, italics, underline attributes Outlining Word Prediction Spell Check

  19. Word Prediction Three levels of word lists to choose from Suggests words while writing Learns vocabulary and syntax from typing Can learn text from any document (scanned, Internet, etc.) Choose to have word list spoken Aids students in written composition

  20. Outlining Use for process writing Aid in written composition Use to visually organize ideas, concepts, and topics Framework to enhance organization and creativity Pre-organize and pre-structure writing

  21. Brainstorming Using an Outline Click the Outline button to start a new outline Title your Outline Holidays then hit Enter Brainstorm about holidays (you may do this however works best for you) Organize using the outline Adjust button

  22. Sending WYNN Files Out • Convert WYNN documents to Word documents • Advanced menu • File is automatically sent to Word or other word processing applications • Convert to MP3 format for listening on any MP3 player (including the Apple iPod™) • File menu • Save to Audio

  23. Support Materials On-line Help; complete manual on WYNN disk Teacher and Student exercised included Educational Benefits (purple fold-out) Quick Start “Intro to WYNN” Single-page tip sheets (available on website) WYNN Training Module CD ($25.00) GoToMeeting sessions customized to your needs

  24. Summary • Provide access to curriculum to struggling readers • Modify the look of text to meet individual needs • Better comprehend, study and retain information • Make the writing process more manageable • Streamline and facilitate the research process • Facilitate motivated, independent, successful learners

  25. Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group ReneeC@freedomscientific.com 888-223-3344, ext. 127 wynn@freedomscientific.com www.freedomscientific.com/lsg “Imagine Success”