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Shurley -Chapter 3

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Shurley -Chapter 3. Prepositions. PREP and OP Jingles. Preposition Jingle A PREP PREP PREPOSITION Is a special group of words That connects a NOUN, NOUN, NOUN OR a PRO PRO PRONOUN To the rest of the sentence .

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shurley chapter 3

Shurley-Chapter 3


prep and op jingles
PREP and OP Jingles

Preposition JingleA PREP PREP PREPOSITIONIs a special group of wordsThat connects a NOUN, NOUN, NOUNOR a PRO PRO PRONOUNTo the rest of the sentence.

Object of the Prep JingleDum De Dum Dum!An O-P is a N-O-U-N or a P-R-OAfter the P-R-E-PIn a S-E-N-T-E-N-C-EDum De Dum Dum – DONE!

preposition jingle
Preposition Jingle

1. Preposition, Preposition

Starting with an A.


aboard, about, above,

across, after, against,


along, among, around, at.

2. Preposition, Preposition

Starting with a B.


before, behind, below,

beneath, beside, between,


beyond, but, by.

3. Preposition, Preposition

Starting with a D.

down (slow & long),

during (snappy).

4. Preposition, Preposition

Don’t go away.

Go to the middle

And see what we say.

E-F-I and L-N-O

except, for, from,

in, inside, into,

like, near, of,

off, on, out,

outside, over.

 5. Preposition, Preposition

Almost through.

Start with P and end with W.

past, since, through,

throughout, to, toward,

under, underneath,

until, up, upon,

with, within, without.

6. Preposition, Preposition

Easy as can be.

We’re all finished,

And aren’t you pleased?

We’ve just recited

All 49 of these.


Step 1: Identify prepositions—No questions… you just have to recognize the prepositions.

  • Step 2: Identify OP—Every prep has an Object of the Preposition (OP).
      • This is always the noun following the prep.
      • If the “how, when, or where” word does not have a noun following it, it is NOT a preposition. It is an adverb.
  • Step 3: Pattern 1—Simple SentenceSN VP1 ✓
  • Step 4: Put parentheses around prepositional phrases.
p and op
P and OP
  • _______ The three girls celebrated joyfully at the reunion.
  • _______ In The Maze Runner Thomas arrived in a mysterious box.
  • _______ After much hard work, the boys eventually succeeded.
homework prepositions 1
Homework—Prepositions #1

__________ During the stormy night, the black horse ran off.

__________ Joey is known well for his love of food.

__________ After the book fair, Tim read from dusk until dawn.

  • __________ The Maze Runner is being released in February of 2013.
  • __________ For many years Michael Jordan played on one of the most popular teams in basketball’s history.
  • __________ The dish is filled with raw carrots and celery.
homework prepositions 4
Homework—Prepositions #4
  • _______ Throughout the movie Macy looked up longingly at Brad Pitt.
  • _______ The pudgy, black dog chased after the rawhide bone.
  • _______ The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
  • _______ An eager football player maliciously cheated during the game.
  • _______ Before the huge shopping trip, Krista went to the bank.
  • Create your own sentence! It needs to include
    • 2 prepositional phrases
    • 1 subject noun
    • 1 verb
    • 1 adjective
    • 1 adverb
    • As many article adjectives as necessary