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RSO Funding Processes PowerPoint Presentation
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RSO Funding Processes

RSO Funding Processes

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RSO Funding Processes

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  1. RSO Funding Processes • The Department of Student Life allocates $400 for each Registered Student Organization per academic year. • Effective January 2013 new Certified Student Organization (CSO) will be required for funding and to reserve space.

  2. RSO Funding Process • Funds are managed and dispersed through the Business Manager for the Department of Student Life. • Funds do not roll over or lapse. • Funding usually ends in May.

  3. How can I access my RSO club funds? • There are two ways: • Petty cash advances • Reimbursements • Both requires completion of the “Petty Cash / Reimbursement Request form”. See _life/ then go to forms.

  4. Petty Cash / Reimbursement Request form

  5. Petty Cash / Reimbursement request form must have: • Brief description of item(s) to be purchased. • Estimate cost of item to determine the amount of cash needed. • Date of the event or function. • Signature of staff/faculty adviser or club officer. • Copy of event flier or announcement. • If food is purchased a sign in sheet is required.

  6. Petty Cash Advances • Must be cleared within 5 business days after the event. • Need “original” receipts taped down on paper. • Receipts must be itemized. • No tax, KSU is tax exempt.



  9. Reimbursements • Requires completion of Petty Cash / Reimbursement Request form. • Complete same as for Cash Advances. • Exceeds $50.00 may need to process a check depending on the amount of petty cash on hand. • Itemized original receipts, no tax.

  10. What can we buy? Permitted purchases include: • Expenses related to travel for conferences and competitions. • Educational programs. • Office supplies and materials. • Refreshments/snacks for meetings.

  11. What can we buy? Prohibited purchases include; • Alcohol and tobacco products. • Philanthropic donations. • Charitable contributions of any type. • Gifts or flowers of any type. • Events not related to a program or educational event.

  12. Promotional Items • KSU has University approved vendors that must be used when purchasing promotional type items. • Any exceptions will require approval from Business Services. Exceptions are rare. • Approved vendors are tax exempt and use direct billing which makes things very easy.

  13. Promotional Items • Any printing for promotional items will require a review and approval by KSU Design Approval team. • • KSU approved vendor are familiar with this process.

  14. KSU Approved Vendors 1st Coast Printing Website: Primary contact: Robin Ray Phone: 904-716-4800 Fax: 904-285-7915 E-mail: Secondary Contact: Susan Batson Phone: 251-604-7470 E-mail: Halo Branded Solutions (Lee Wayne Corporation) Website: Primary Contact: Dianne Helliwell Phone: 770-321-4747 Fax: 678-560-2616 E-mail: Secondary Contact: Jodi Stelling E-mail: Promo Entertainment Group Website: Primary Contact: Melanie McGovern Phone: 404-367-0350 Fax: 404-367-0420 E-mail: Secondary Contact: Ralston Wells E-mail: The Target Group Website: Primary Contact: Susan Broccolo Phone: 678-835-5819 Fax: 678-835-5801 E-mail: Secondary Contact: Angela Montgomery E-mail:

  15. Catering and Food • KSU has a list of approved caterers that must be used when a banquet or food event is being catered. • Catering means that the food is cooked and prepared, delivered, served and cleaned up by the service providers. • If you want to pick up food (Costco) and bring back to the campus and serve it yourself you may go wherever you like.

  16. KSU Approved Caterers

  17. Catering and Food • Remember all food functions require a sign in sheet. • Per diem rates apply even with catering $7.00, $9.00 and $20.00, to be all inclusive, linens, tip etc. • KSU approved caterers use tax exempt forms and direct bill, makes it easy.

  18. Office Supplies and Materials • The University System of Georgia has a contract for general office supplies with OfficeMax. • For paper and toner cartridges the contract is with Staples (applies to line item groups only) • Mostly for larger quantities and orders.

  19. Printing Currently, print is exempt from bidding until December 2012. • Utilize KSU print shop first, if possible. • Can be reimbursed from KSU Trac. • Larger print jobs would require 3 competitive bids and provide documentation. • Go with low bid that meets required specifications.

  20. Business Manager Office Hours • Monday through Thursday 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Lunch generally 12-1. • Travel assistance will be managed by appointment only. • Friday closed to walk-in traffic unless previous arrangements have been made.