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CSO Funding Processes

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CSO Funding Processes. The Department of Student Life allocates $400 for each Certified Student Organization per academic year. Effective January 2013 new Certified Student Organization (CSO) will be required for funding and to reserve space. CSO Funding Process.

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cso funding processes
CSO Funding Processes
  • The Department of Student Life allocates $400 for each Certified Student Organization per academic year.
  • Effective January 2013 new Certified Student Organization (CSO) will be required for funding and to reserve space.
cso funding process
CSO Funding Process
  • Funds are managed and dispersed through the Business Manager for the Department of Student Life.
  • Funds do not roll over or lapse.
  • Funding usually ends in May, date TBD
how can i access my cso club funds
How can I access my CSO club funds?
  • There are two ways:
    • Petty cash advances
    • Reimbursements
  • Through Owl’s Finance Tab!
  • The President, Vice President and Treasurer have access to fill out the “Purchase Request Form”
  • The “Purchase Request Form” replaces the paper “Petty Cash/Reimbursement Form
purchase request form
Purchase Request Form
  • Use this form whenever you are spending your “Club Funds”
  • Purchase Request Tutorial
    • http://youtu.be/SwHG-FWDaLc
purchase request form must include
Purchase Request Form Must Include:
  • Subject- Should be the Title of the request (Ex: General Meeting Food, DJ Service)
  • Requested Amount- The estimated cost of item(s) and will determine the amount of cash needed for a cash advance
  • Description- Field must include a brief but detailed description of item(s) to be purchased.
  • Payee Information- These fields are optional. You can skip if necessary.
  • Flyer Upload- A Flyer, Announcement, Room Reservation, etc. must be uploaded to your request.
  • The form will route to the advisor. It will not come to the Business Manager for processing until the advisor reviews and approves the request.
  • Deliver to Student Life: You will need to turn in to Student Life the original itemized receipt with no tax paid. Also, if food is purchased a sign in sheet is required.
petty cash advances
Petty Cash Advances
  • Must be cleared within 5 business days after the event.
  • Need “original” receipts taped down on paper.
  • Receipts must be itemized.
  • No tax, KSU is tax exempt.
  • Requires completion of the Purchase Request Form.
  • Complete form same as for Cash Advances.
  • Exceeds $50.00 may need to process a check depending on the amount of petty cash on hand.
  • Itemized original receipts, no tax.
what can we buy
What can we buy?

Permitted purchases include:

  • Expenses related to travel for conferences and competitions.
  • Educational programs.
  • Office supplies and materials.
  • Refreshments/snacks for meetings.
what can we buy1
What can we buy?

Prohibited purchases include;

  • Alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Philanthropic donations.
  • Charitable contributions of any type.
  • Gifts or flowers of any type.
  • Events not related to a program or educational event.
promotional items
Promotional Items
  • KSU has University approved vendors that must be used when purchasing promotional type items.
  • Any exceptions will require approval from Business Services. Exceptions are rare.
  • Approved vendors are tax exempt and use direct billing which makes things very easy.
promotional items1
Promotional Items
  • Any printing for promotional items will require a review and approval by KSU Design Approval team.
  • designapproval@kennesaw.edu
  • KSU approved vendor are familiar with this process.
ksu approved vendors
KSU Approved Vendors

1st Coast Printing

Website: http://www.1stcoastprinting.com/

Primary contact: Robin Ray

Phone: 904-716-4800

Fax: 904-285-7915

E-mail: robin@1stcoastprinting.com

Secondary Contact: Susan Batson

Phone: 251-604-7470

E-mail: susan@1stcoastprinting.com

Halo Branded Solutions (Lee Wayne Corporation)

Website: http://www.dh.halocatalog.com/

Primary Contact: Dianne Helliwell

Phone: 770-321-4747

Fax: 678-560-2616

E-mail: Dianne.helliwell@halo.com

Secondary Contact: Jodi Stelling

E-mail: Jodi@adnov.com

Promo Entertainment Group

Website: http://www.promoentertainmentgroup.com/

Primary Contact: Melanie McGovern

Phone: 404-367-0350

Fax: 404-367-0420

E-mail: Melanie@promoentertainmentgroup.com

Secondary Contact: Ralston Wells

E-mail: Ralston@promoentertainmentgroup.com

The Target Group

Website: http://www.ksugear.com

Primary Contact: Susan Broccolo

Phone: 678-835-5819

Fax: 678-835-5801

E-mail: susan@targetawards.com

Secondary Contact: Angela Montgomery

E-mail: angela@targetawards.com

catering and food
Catering and Food
  • KSU has a list of approved caterers that must be used when a banquet or food event is being catered.
  • Catering means that the food is cooked and prepared, delivered, served and cleaned up by the service providers.
  • If you want to pick up food (Costco) and bring back to the campus and serve it yourself you may go wherever you like.
catering and food1
Catering and Food
  • Remember all food functions require a sign in sheet.
  • Per diem rates apply even with catering $7.00, $9.00 and $20.00, to be all inclusive, linens, tip etc.
  • KSU approved caterers use tax exempt forms and direct bill, makes it easy.
office supplies and materials
Office Supplies and Materials
  • The University System of Georgia has a contract for general office supplies with OfficeMax.
  • For paper and toner cartridges the contract is with Staples (applies to line item groups only)
  • Mostly for larger quantities and orders.

Currently, print is exempt from bidding until December 2013.

  • Utilize KSU print shop first, if possible (KSU Print Shop currently Under Construction)
  • Can be reimbursed from KSU TRAC.
  • Larger print jobs would require 3 competitive bids and provide documentation.
  • Go with low bid that meets required specifications.
business manager office hours
Business Manager Office Hours
  • Monday through Thursday 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Lunch generally 12-1.
  • Travel assistance will be managed by appointment only. Call Student Life or email wharrisi@kennesaw.edu
  • Friday closed to walk-in traffic unless previous arrangements have been made.