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  1. RSO SUMMIT Spring Semester 2013

  2. Today’s Agenda • Introduction • Committees/Sub-Committees • Election Season! • DuckSync Know How • Student Life Policy • Party Time! (Event Registration + Rules) • Advertising 101 • PAY DAY! (Budgeting the right way) • Upcoming Events! • We are done!

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  4. New Cabinet Members President: Ashley Montufar Vice President: Mark Scalzo Treasurer: Owen Hayes Secretary: Charlie Shotmeyer Chairman on committee of student interests (CCSI): Kel Bancroft

  5. SGA Committees • If you are interested in being on a committee • Campus Life • Academic Affairs • Public and Community Relations • Constitution and Bylaws

  6. Sub-Committee Heads Media: Shannon Pierce Arts & Music: Ashley Tomasura Ethnic Student Council: Estaban Roldan Professional Society: Alyssa Antropow Special Interests: Stephanie Bistis Recreation: Katie Achilles

  7. Sub-committee Meetings • Sub-committee Structure • Each RSO should have an appointed “RSO Representative” • RSO Representative is expected to be well versed on the activities of the organization • The sub-committee is required to meet once a month • Great new way to spread information & encourage shared events • The sub-committee will elect it’s own head and have an SGA Representative • RSO policy information and updates will be provided at meetings

  8. RSO Unified Elections • Nominations open Monday, March 18th • Elections Start • Sunday March 24th • Elections End • Saturday March 30th • Remember to update email aliases and DuckSync pages to the new e-board! • All nominations must be approved by OSL • Complete the Officer Nomination Form before elections begin

  9. senate Elections • Senate Nominations open: April 1st • Senate Nominations are due: April 8th • Senate election meeting: April 9th • Senate Elections Open: April 15th • Polls Close: April 22nd

  10. DuckSync Basics • Organization Profile • *Must be updated with new E-Board by April 12th – budgets could be delayed as a result of not updating your profile • Constitution & bylaws • Photos/description/etc – complete web profile • Advisors • Managing Members (Settings) • Join Options • Account groups • Who are the administrators, officers & members? What can they view and/or manage in DuckSync? • Invite your members to join (People)

  11. DuckSync Questions/Concerns • Online support through DuckSync (gear symbol) • Tell Student Life! • We need to hear your questions and concerns so we can make this as user friendly as possible for Stevens • Websites are in the process of being removed • Migration to DuckSync • DuckSync Training & Review • February 27that 2pm in Babbio Center 122

  12. Student Life Forms • All Forms Online (DuckSync) • Disbursement Vouchers • Students will not be reimbursed for expenses over $60! • Duckbill Machine Requests • Printing Requests • Travel Liability • Bus Requests • P-card increase • Student Life Newsletter (SLN) – NOW ONLINE • **Forms are also found in every organization's Forms section

  13. Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) • Every RSO MUST have a P-card • You Must Sign out P-card in Student life and return with ALL receipts within 48hours of Purchase. • *Student life has a right to suspend your P-card if the Card or the receipts aren’t returned in a timely fashion.

  14. P-Card Standards • Card Limits-Standard • $250 per purchase and $1000 per month • No Travel (Trains, Airplanes, Etc)- Must request permission in DuckSync • If you need Travel or increased spending limits, requests must be submitted online at least 2 days in advance (P-card increase form online) • All purchases should be done according to your clubs approved budget. • Clubs will be audited!

  15. Registering your

  16. Event Registration • *Update: Get a Booking Number from the Office of Special Functions first! • Book Rooms 1st: (At least 1 week in advance!) • Academic Buildings – registrar website • Jacobus – Jacobus website • Athletics – Mike Lippincott • All other locations – Special Functions 3.  If the event is closed and not open to campus, complete an Organization Event Approval Form (closed events) in DuckSync for Student Life approval

  17. Event Registration cont. 3) If the event is open to the campus, add the event to your organization's DuckSync page a. Select Events, then Create an Event b. In Step 2 (Decide Who Can View), select "Request to Share on Community Calendar” c. Complete event form for Student Life Approval *Events can’t be publicized until they have been registered and approved in DuckSync!

  18. Event Details • Food over $400 needs to go through Sodexo 1st • Don’t forget tables, chairs, grills, garbage Cans • Book with Special Functions • All Contracts must be approved by Student life • Needs sufficient time • W-9 form for new vendor (also online)

  19. Prizes • RSOs are expected to supply Student Life with prizes prior to their event and submit the names of the winners following their event. • Winners are to sign-out their prizes from Student Life. • Failure to do so could result in budgetary freezes and RSO probation. • Prizes may only be given to Stevens Undergraduate students.

  20. Deposits • All money collected must be deposited into RSO accounts within 72 hours of an event. • Failure to do so may result in budgetary freezes and RSO probation. Deposit envelopes are available at the Student Service Center and OSL.

  21. Miscellaneous • Movies on campus • Must purchase the rights ($400 per non new release title) • Guests- Only if allowed by event- should be a 1:1 ratio and must be signed in • Stevens is Tax Exempt- you can submit a tax exempt form to vendors (Contact Student Life to do so) • Tax Exempt number is on your P-Card

  22. Advertising made easy

  23. Publicity Opportunities Campus Resources: • Media Organizations: WCPR, The Stute • DuckSync Event Calendar = Community Calendar (sync with Google calendar) Additional Resources: • Facebook: Groups, Fan Pages, Events • Personalized Items:, • Banners:

  24. Fliers on Campus • Submit requests via DuckSync! • Don’t put fliers on doors • None on walls in Babbio, only on bulletin boards • Howe- only by mailboxes and Pierce (AKA- not past Table sitting tables) Plan accordingly!

  25. Office of Residence Life Policy • Stop by the below locations any time between 9AM-10PM and you will be able to sign out a swipe that will allow you access to the respective housing areas • Lower Campus RA office located on the 2nd floor of Davis Hall • Upper Campus RA office located on the 3rd floor of Jonas Hall • Tacks and staples ONLY, no tape on bulletin boards!

  26. Resident Halls Flier Posting Lower campus designated areas for fliers for RSO’s: 602 RiverTerrace- Entrance bulletin board, laundry room bulletin board. 604 River Terrace- Entrance bulletin board, and laundry room bulletin board. Hayden Hall- Two announcement boards on the back wall of the lounge. No posting in laundry room. Davis Hall- The board next to the AC office/across from RA office is the Davis Hall announcements board. No posting in laundry room. Total fliers needed for lower campus = 7

  27. Resident Halls Flier Posting Upper campus designated areas for fliers for RSO’s: Jonas-1st-6th floor above the garbage cans (one of each floor) Humphreys-On the wall near the bathrooms on each side (one on each side of the hallway) CPA-On each floor on the cinderblock wall entrance (one on each floor) Palmer-Designated bulletin board (1 on the board) Lore-El-scan and email to Total fliers needed for upper campus=20 Stevens Leased Housing designated areas for fliers for RSO’s: Please email your fliers to TomasitaJallad ( they will be sent to residents via their RC.

  28. Want Some Money?

  29. Summer and Fall Budgeting • Budgets Due • March 17th • Budgets Returned • March 31st • Budget Meeting • April 7th

  30. Budgeting common mistakes • ITEMIZE EVERYTHING IN BUDGET – new process in DuckSync (no excel sheets) • Do not budget for fliers, DuckSync form! • Memberships should be updated when each budget/funding request is submitted • Be clear in what the event is and what items are needed

  31. Upcoming Events

  32. Founder’s Day Ball! • February 22nd (In two days!) • New off-campus location on water overlooking New York City! • Tickets: (SOLD OUT!) • Under 21 or Non-Drinking • $10.00 • 21 and Over • $15.00 • Non-Stevens Guests • $25.00

  33. SGA/G&T Leadership Retreat • Saturday March 23rd • Learn how to be a leader from experienced leaders! • Mandatory: At least one member must attend • Register now in DuckSync under forms!

  34. THANKS! • SGA Meetings usually Sundays - 7pm BC 122 • Further Questions email