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RSO Summit

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RSO Summit

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  1. RSO Summit Wednesday, October 10th

  2. Strategic Plan What is it? Why was it developed? What does it mean for me as a student? What it means for me as a representative of a Recognized Student Organization?

  3. Entertainment Subcommittee Chair: Ward Sandler Anime Club Computer to Console Gaming Society (C2GS) Entertainment Committee Five Elements Movie Committee Pulse Stevens Underground Music Awareness Committee (SUMAC)

  4. Professional Subcommittee Chair: Steve Pylypchuk AICHE ASCE ASEM ASME BMES Biztech Club ISPE NSBE SHPC SHPE SAE SPS SFG SWE

  5. Media Subcommittee Chair: Patrick Gleeson The Link Red Shift SITTV The Stute WCPR

  6. Sports Subcommittee Chair: Pete Garafano Archery Club Bowling Alley Bowling Club Cricket Club Ultimate Frisbee Club Stevens Ski & Snowboard Club

  7. Special Interest Subcommittee Chair: Jake Bagdonas Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Co-op Student Council Chess Club Fashion and Technology Club Five Elements Hillel Newman Association Philosophy Club Photo Club Residence Hall Association (RHA) Stevens Dramatic Society (SDS) Stevens Political Awareness Committee (SPAC) Stevens Yacht Club (SYC)

  8. Publicity Committee Redefining Advertising on Campus Presented by: Ronen Peled Chris La Pilusa

  9. Current Advertising Methods • Media Organizations • WCPR • SITTV • Bowling Alley (New) • Babbio Center Monitor (New) • Manual Advertisements • Posters (Policy Explained Later) • Electronic • WebEvents Calendar • Student Life Newsletter • RSO Announce (New Format)

  10. Items Needed for Submission 1. RSO Logo (One-time Submission) 2. PowerPoint Slide of Event 3. Event description filled out on SGA Publicity Committee Submission Form 4. Make sure submissions are done within a week of event, otherwise publicity channels with deadlines might not be able to be targeted All e-mailed to

  11. Poster Policy Black and White Copies (for free) as per Contract with Director of Procurement and Print Shop Color Copies- are charged straight from RSO Budget, the funds from the budget get transferred from RSO to Publicity Account.

  12. Poster Policy • Procedure: • Fill out Template Form for Poster Duplicating • Print Hard Copy of Template Form and Approved Poster (by Student Life) and put in PO BOX of Work-Study Student Morgan De Sena (PO BOX S-0425) (ONE WEEK FROM EVENT) • E-mail Template Form to Morgan De Sena( • Working Hours: Mondays (3-5 pm), Tuesdays (after 4 pm

  13. Goals of Publicity Committee • Benefit to RSOs • “One Stop Shop” for advertising events • Less time advertising = more time • planning • More money available to budget to RSOs • Only task done by RSO’s is hanging up posters • Benefit to Campus • Students more aware of events • Less clutter on Campus

  14. Questions?