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Contact Information. Maria D. Salazar-Villalpando Ph.D. Group leader photo-electro-catalysis Separations & Fuel Processing Division National Energy Technology Laboratory B26-144 M/S:N05 Tel:3042855427 Fax3042850903 Experience / Expertise.

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Contact Information

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contact information
Contact Information

Maria D. Salazar-Villalpando Ph.D.

Group leader photo-electro-catalysisSeparations & Fuel Processing DivisionNational Energy Technology LaboratoryB26-144 M/

experience expertise
Experience / Expertise
  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago). Dissertation, topic: Cathodic Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons in a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell.
  • Research Projects: Photo-catalytic reduction of CO2, Photo-electrochemical reduction of CO2, Electrochemical reduction in a Polymer electrolyte fuel cell, photo-polymer electrolyte-membrane for CO2 transformation, CO2 dry reforming,CO2 catalytic hydrogenation, reverse water shift reaction, PEM fuel cells.
  • Group leader photo-electro-catalysis and responsible person of the Photo-electro-catalysis laboratory
  • Working in projects to convert CO2 into useful products via photo, catalytic, and electrochemical processes.

Photo-Catalytic Laboratory Capabilities

  • Photo-electrochemical Quartz-crystal microbalance to determine mass changes due to adsorption/reaction of CO2
  • Photo-catalytic reactor with a mass spectrometer on line
  • Reverse PEM fuel cell with a quartz window in the photo-cathode for illumination
  • UV spectrometer: Photo-chemical characterization to determine % of transmittance/absorbance
  • Rotating disk electrode to determine mass transport effects of CO2
  • Hot press to prepare membrane-electrodes assembly
future research interests in the energy related materials area
Future Research interests in the Energy-Related Materials Area

Materials for the following reactions to convert CO2 into useful products:

  • Photo-catalytic reduction of CO2
  • CO2 reduction in solar energy devices
  • CO2 conversion in PEM fuel cells
  • Electrochemical reduction of CO2
  • Methane CO2 reforming
  • Reverse water-gas-shift-reaction
  • CO2 Methanation