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Elementary Report Card. August 2013. Brief Background of K-5 Report Cards. Manual completion of report cards Changes accommodated as possible Confusion on how to mark cards: Reading Writing Test scores or not? Clumsy to manage. Report Card (RC) Committee Process.

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Brief background of k 5 report cards
Brief Background of K-5 Report Cards

  • Manual completion of report cards

  • Changes accommodated as possible

  • Confusion on how to mark cards:

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Test scores or not?

  • Clumsy to manage

Report card rc committee process
Report Card (RC) Committee Process

  • Committee make-up and work:

    • Principals

    • Teacher representation across grades/buildings

    • Instruction Dept. members

    • Technology Services Dept. members

    • Worked through 2012-13

  • Identified goals & charge of the committee

  • Established beliefs

  • Processed input to develop a mock-up

Report card goals
Report Card Goals

  • Update our Current K-5 Report Cards

  • Interface our Cards with PowerSchool

  • Develop and Implement a Staff and parent Readiness Plan

  • Support and Monitor Implementation

Rc we believe grading should
RC- We believe grading should:

  • Be About Achievement

  • Be About Monitoring Progress

  • Be Based on General and Specific Standards

  • Be About Mastery Learning

  • Be Based on Outcomes

  • Be Based on Products and Process

  • Be About Some Things as Opposed to Many Things

  • Include Criterion Referenced Assessments

  • Weight Assignments and Assessments Differently

Rc we believe the purpose of report cards is to
RC- We believe the purpose of report cards is to:

  • Provide an Avenue for Communication

  • Reflect What We Teach and Student Learning

  • Relate Student Progress on a Learning Continuum

  • Be Simplistic and Require Little Clarification

Developed cards that represent
Developed cards that represent:

  • a focus on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

  • a standards-based approach to grading

Where we are in our process
Where we are in our process:

  • Introducing the grade book to teachers

  • Supporting teachers with shift to standards-based grading

  • Addressing needs of UA

  • Working through a timeline for full implementation of parent portal

  • Working through logistics of report card distribution during the transition period

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Professional Development

    • Teacher-to-teacher PD

    • Building Coaches identified and trained

    • Instructional Specialists also trained

  • Hands-on time

  • Embedded PD through the school year

Plans for today
Plans for Today

  • Explore the meaning of standards-based grading

  • Look at PowerTeacher grade books for BPS

  • Align an assignment to standards

    • Enter an assignment in Power Teacher

    • Enter student performance on the assignment in Power Teacher

Exit slip
Exit Slip

I think Standards Based Grading is…

Why shift
Why Shift…

Grades should have meaning

We need to challenge the status quo – The student should be able to say “Do I know this? Can I do this?”

Standards Based Grading reduces meaningless paperwork

SBG helps teachers adjust instruction

SBG teaches what quality looks like

Standards based grading overview
Standards Based Grading Overview


Research on your own
Research on your own…


Standards based grading1
Standards Based Grading

Standard Based Grading IS:

Standard Based Grading IS NOT:

Exit slip1
Exit Slip

Now I think Standards Based Grading is…

Power teacher gradebook

Power Teacher Gradebook

Power teacher
Power Teacher


  • Launching Grade Book

  • Accessing Student Information

  • Creating Assignment Categories

  • Entering Assignments

  • Attaching Standards to Assignment

  • Entering Student Scores

Entering an assessment
Entering an Assessment

  • Create a Quick Quiz assignment in PowerTeacher Grade Book

  • Using PowerTeacher drop down menu, with your grade level team, identify the standards and enter them into PowerTeacher Grade Book


Scoring an assessment
Scoring an Assessment

  • Take the Quick Quiz AS A STUDENT

  • Trade completed assessments with a partner

  • Score using Standard Based Grading

Deleting the assignment
Deleting The Assignment

  • You must delete your assignment.

  • We do not have a practice environment!

Ongoing support
Ongoing Support

  • Remember your Power Teach Coach and Instructional Specialist are here to help you.

    • Please see us with questions, concerns, and let us know what future learning you will need.