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  1. Diwali By: Belinda & Navneet By: Belinda & Navneet

  2. Origin • Dates back to when there were little to no writing and knowledge was passed through listening. Then passing on the story to someone else. • The origin lies in the in ancient scripture; the Puranas • Depict the triumph of good over evil

  3. Diwali • Diwali is known as the festival of lights • Important festival in Hinduism; occurring between mid-October and mid-November • In Hinduism Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together at home or at a Mandir.

  4. Summary Hindu’s believe it to be the celebration of the marriage of Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. Diwali is celebrated throughout a period of four days. Each day has it’s own tale, first day is when Lord Krishna vanished the demon Naraka, the second day is the worship of Lakshmiwho is the goddess of wealth, the third day Bali was allowed to return to earth to light lamps to dispel the darkness and ignorance and spread love, lastly the fourth day is when the sisters invite their brothers to their home.

  5. Continuation.. • Diwali lies the significance of the victory of good over evil. Candles and lamps are lit to find new reasons and hopes. The light empowers us to commit to ourselves to do good things and this brings Hindu’s closer to divinity. Diwali is celebrated world wide but mostly in India where all houses and streets are lit up with candles and lamps. At night the people come out and celebrate with firecrackers and sweets.