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  1. Diwali The Festival Of Lights. It is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus.

  2. Diwali Is Important Because: • It celebrates the victory of good over evil. • It celebrates the victory of light over darkness. • It celebrates the victory of knowledge over ignorance. • It celebrates the victory over Narakaasura’s and Ravana’s deaths who were evil demons. • It was the end of Rama’s and Sita’s 14 year exile.

  3. Where And When Does This Event Happen Diwali is celebrated in India by Hindu people. It is also celebrated in many countries where Hindus live such as Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and England. It is celebrated sometimes in October and sometimes in November depending on the Hindu Lunar Calendar. It is celebrated over 5 days.

  4. Activities Performed • Fireworks to drive away evil spirits. • Lighting of Lamps and Spring clean the house to make the goddess Lakshmi welcome. • Shopping for new clothes. • Putting lights and decorations on buildings . • Sharing sweets with everybody. • Exchanging of gifts.

  5. Special Clothes Or Costumes People buy brand new clothes to wear because it is such a special event. There are no special costumes however people can wear traditional clothes or modern clothes, just as long as it is new. Bright colors are used to reflect joy and happiness and to show thanks to the goddess Lakshmi. Women wear their best jewellery.

  6. Special Food • Families and friends gather together to share large meals. • Small savory snacks are also prepared to eat during the 5 day celebration. • A variety of sweets are made to share and exchange between family members and friends. • There are many types of foods they eat for example; kheer, gulabjamun, kanola and chivda.

  7. Special Music And Dancing People sing and dance to special songs to please and give thanks to the goddess Lakshmi. There are many kinds of songs they play during the 5 day celebration. Some are traditional and some are modern.

  8. Special Decorations People decorate the entrances of their houses with colourfulRangoli to welcome the goddess Lakshmiinto their houses. Rangoli is the art of drawing images with colourful powders made from rice and chalk. People also put candles and lanterns inside their house to help the goddess Lakshmi find her way into their homes.

  9. Decorations

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