are you ready to take control of your future n.
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Are you ready to take control of your future? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you ready to take control of your future?

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Are you ready to take control of your future? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you ready to take control of your future?
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  1. Are you ready to take control of your future? Are you self motivated? Reliable? Do you posses excellent time management skills?

  2. Benefits of working @ home • As a Certified Service Professional within the Arise through I-Communications you have the flexibility to schedule your work around your life, and the lives of your loved ones….all from the comfort of home! • Servicing through I-Communications allows YOU set your own hours and build YOUR own schedule!

  3. Work as Much as You Want! • Saving for a new car? Need extra money for preschool costs? Want some extra "fun cash" for the weekends, or just enough for a yearly vacation fund? Add on as many hours and express interest in as many different opportunities that you are qualified for!

  4. Take the Costs Out of Your Work Week! • The average worker spends $1100 a year on coffee alone! Factor in astronomical fuel costs, fast-food lunches, car maintenance, suits, dry cleaning and day care, and you are looking at several hundred dollars a month! Servicing customers with I-Communications pay for itself by removing or reducing all these added expenses. No dress code, no drive time, use your kitchen for more than just breakfast and dinner. And if your child has a day off from school coming up, schedule your service hours around it and use some of the savings for an ice cream date!

  5. Work-Life Balance is in Your Control! • Servicing with I-Communications gives you the freedom and flexibility to set your own work schedule. If you ask anyone to name something they would like more of, they would probably say "TIME!" We could all use more time in the day - to be with our family, work out, do the grocery shopping, laundry, take the kids to school, baseball practice or ballet, or just relax! Well, we can't add more hours to the day, but when you service with I-Communications, we can help you make the most of your time.

  6. Say Goodbye to Lines And Hello to More Time! Buy groceries, visit the DMV or make a trip to the pharmacy when there's no wait. Need to pick up something for dinner, go to a doctor's appointment or get your hair cut? When you service with I-Communications you can do all these things and more while everyone else is stuck at the office!

  7. Get More for Less! • Where else can you find a business opportunity that lets you select the brands that you want your company to service? No cold calling, no advertising costs, and no leg-work are needed to get customers to your business! Not to mention next-to-nothing operational costs. With I-Communications you can set your own schedule and begin generating income in as little as 15 days!

  8. In order to become an CSP with I Communications you must….. • Pass voice assessment • Pass a background check • Have a single analog telephone line • Have a workstations(pc or mac) that has a be secure internet connection

  9. Opportunity to make substantial income by contracting to provide customer service to consumers of one or more Fortune 500 Companies such as….. * Disney* Accenture* ATT Mobility* Apple Computers. Inc* Intuit* Carnival Cruise* Interval International Any many more!!!

  10. So what’s next? Call 520-314-7467for individual assistance in doing the following … 1. Admissions • Profile Creation 2. Capabilities Assessment • Voice Assessment • Background Check ($44.95) 3. Certification & Enrollment • CSP 101 Certification 4. Join I-Communications • Enroll in Client Program • Certify • Earn Revenue