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Future Cars

Future Cars

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Future Cars

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  1. Future Cars The Future of Today By. Cody J. Freeman Gifted ISP 2007-2008

  2. Future cars

  3. Future cars This is the 2005 VW Bus concept. If you are thinking “2005?” Its because it can take a long time to decide if it is safe or if there could be problems in the future.

  4. Future cars This is the new BMW concept. It is another of many hydrogen concepts.

  5. Future cars In the future many people dream of flying or super bionic cars. This can be done. This is the new Mercedes Bens Bionic car.

  6. Future cars These are more Pics of the Mercedes.

  7. Here are some pics of a flying car. This is the M-400 Skycar the guy sitting in it built it in his garage!

  8. Future cars This is the M-200 Skycar This Skycar is now selling for $200,000 the funny part is it only flies 10 feet in the air!

  9. “The Mustang by Giugiaro drives as good as it looks,” said Fabrizio Giugiaro. “After taking it to the limits on streets outside of Turin, I can honestly say this car was well worth the 30,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears that we invested to create a modern performance classic.” Future Cars This is the new ford mustang concept. Its called the Mustang Giugiaro which in my opinion is very cool. Giugiaro Mustang delivers 500 horsepower, V8 fitted with a Ford Racing twin-screw supercharger, additional 200 ponies over stock, fuel injectors were borrowed from the Ford GT along with a 95mm mass air meter, Ford Racing mufflers and a high flow x-pipe

  10. Future cars Imagination future car There are many types of future cars. Mainly 2 types concepts and imagination future cars. The difference is that concepts are being looked into to see if they are even possible. As apposed to imagination future cars could happen but there is less of a chance than concepts. Concept cars

  11. Zap cars These are called Zap Cars 100% electric vehicles. And the best part is you just plug them into the wall in your house no adapters needed!!!

  12. Nuclear Power Although to some it may sound like the answer to the car energy crisis, the life rate of a person in the ford nucleon was very slim. This is because the nuclear reactor would explode at barely any amount of force applied.

  13. Future cars Many people like Scion’s new concepts so, this page is all about them.The top Green Scion is called the Scion bB concept, after that you see the Scion xP concept truck. Thenext one you see is the Scion Fuse which in my opinion is pretty cool. There is also the 2006 Scion xA hatch back concept. Last but certainly not least the Scion xD is the yellow Scion on the bottom.

  14. Future Cars BMW is one of my favorite car dealers. The motorcycle in the top right is the c-class motor cycle. Directly across from that is the BMW California Roadster. Finally at the bottom is the BMW CS Concept.

  15. The new GX3 will be sold at less than $17000 125hp VW 1.6 liter engine 4 cylinder 46mpg 62.5 mph Top Speed 1257lbs 2seats 3wheels 5.7 seconds 0-62.5

  16. VW's EcoRacer concept car will debut in Tokyo as a fully functional prototype. Eco-friendly technologies, powered by a 1.5 liter turbo-diesel that puts out about 136 hp. High performance and fuel efficiency. 0-60 in below 6.3 seconds, a top speed of 143 mph, and an average mpg of 69.2.

  17. Camaro This is the new Camaro concept, it is scheduled to debut in late 2008-early2009. some Cadillac CTS-V parts A V-6-powered model priced in the low $20,000s 400-hp LS2 V-8

  18. `09 Dodge Challenger concept • The 2009 challenger concept • Re-design of old challenger • Looks similar to old challenger • Looks similar to old hemi cuda` `73 Dodge challenger 1970 hemi Cuda`

  19. Other Random concepts Here are some other random cars, the first car is called the “Bee Van” it is a concept by Volvo. The second car is the 200mpg car I tried to research it further but could not find info or other pictures on the car. The final car is the Honda “Step Bus” concept. This car I got the picture for and didn’t think it would be popular.

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