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From Monarchy to Democracy

From Monarchy to Democracy. By Wil Walker. Small history behind Monarchy Who’s who in the Monarchy The beginnings of Parliament. The different Houses of British Rule. The best and Worst of the monarchy What lead to search for Democracy to Monarchy. What you will Learn.

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From Monarchy to Democracy

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  1. From Monarchy to Democracy By Wil Walker

  2. Small history behind Monarchy Who’s who in the Monarchy The beginnings of Parliament The different Houses of British Rule. The best and Worst of the monarchy What lead to search for Democracy to Monarchy What you will Learn

  3. The Beginning of British Monarchy • 500 -750 Ad Angles, Saxons and Jutes disperse with Romans and Roman traditions. • England gets its name from the name Angle-land • This is the time period in which we get the legend of King Arthur. • Pagans at first The Anglo-Saxons convert to Christianity. • Pope Gregory I sends Saint Augustine to Kent to see King Ethelbert.

  4. Dynasties of the British Monarchy • Royal Dynasties since 802 AD 802-1066 Anglo Saxons (no Dynasties) 1066-1154 House of Normandy 1154-1216 House of Angevin 1216-1399 House of Plantagenet 1399-1461 House of Lancaster 1461-1470 House of York 1470-1471 House of Lancaster 1471-1485 House of York 1485-1603 House of Tudor 1603-1649 House of Stuart 1649-1660 Interregnum (between reigns)- No Monarchies 1660-1714 House of Stuart 1714-1901 House of Hanover 1901-1910 House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 1910-present House of Windsor

  5. The First King of All the Land • This was a time of turmoil and fighting between the Anglo-Saxons and the Danes • Egbert of Wessex was the first king of all England in 827 Ad. However King Edgar was the first ruler of a fully united England. • Danelaw was the partition of England that split it between Alfred the great and Guthorm of Denmark Picture to the right of Egbert first king of all England

  6. Westminster Abbey • Edward the Confessor in 1052 instigated the building of Westminster which was destroyed and rebuilt in the reign of Henry III. This location is the site for coronation since William the conqueror in 1066.

  7. Norman Invasion • Normans Defeat The Anglo Saxons in the Battle of Hastings • This becomes the reign of William the conqueror. • Under William –vassals were people who took possession of land in return for allegiance and service to the Monarch this was known as the Feudal System. • A fief was the territory controlled by a vassal. Feudal System

  8. The Angevins • During this period the monarchy seemed to get a little out of hand issues with the church and the murder of an archbishop Thomas a. Beckett forced the curving of the Monarchs power. • This was done with the introduction of the Magna Carter (or Great Charter) that was signed by King George on June 15, 1215 • Richard the Lionheart as a king spent only 7 months of his ten year reign in England. He used the finances from England to support his travels and wars during the first crusades. Henry II Richard the lionhearted King John

  9. Period in which the first English Parliament was summoned by Simon de Montfort (1265 ad) Execution of people was rampant disemboweling and decapitation the favorite types. The spread of Bubonic plague 1347-1351 resulted in the Black Death causing a loss of over a 3rd of England's popularity. 100 years war between England and France. Peasants revolt due to poll tax in 1381 Edward I-helped to spread the influence and power of the Model Parliament Edward II- was deposed and executed by his wife and Roger Mortimer Edward III- 100 yrs war with France which led to the War of the Roses. Feuding over the crown by two families Lancastrian and the Yorkist. The Plantagenets

  10. Henry VII –First Tudor Monarch after the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 took the life of Richard III ending the reign of the Yorks. His marital movements helped link the English and Scottish Thrones Revived the Court of the star chamber to help curb the power of the barons and ensured equal treatment for rich and poor alike. Newfoundland discovered by John Cabot. Henry VIII- One of the most known Monarchs came to power 1509-1547. He threatened execution for anyone who crossed him. He married 6 times the marriages ended up like this 2- divorces1 died giving birth, 2 –were beheaded and the last wife outlived him. Excommunicated by the pope for divorcing Catherine of Aragon and Marrying Anne Boleyn-Severed ties with Rome and established himself as the head of the Church of England Period of English reformation thousands of Catholics and Protestants died during this time The Tudors

  11. Resources • Complete idiots guide to British Royalty -Richard Buskin • History of the Monarchs • Kings and Queens of England and Scotland -Somerset Fry • The Lives of the kings and Queens of England • -Antonia Fraser

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