Extrusion testing testing your controls inside out against the threats that actually matter
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Extrusion Testing …testing your controls “inside-out” against the threats that actually matter!. Panos Dimitriou , MSc InfoSec, CISSP,CISM Director , Managed Security Services 2007. What is “Extrusion”. If you look it up at Wikipedia :

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Extrusion testing testing your controls inside out against the threats that actually matter

Extrusion Testing…testing your controls “inside-out” against the threats that actually matter!

Panos Dimitriou, MSc InfoSec, CISSP,CISM

Director, Managed Security Services


What is extrusion
What is “Extrusion”

If you look it up at Wikipedia:

“Extrusion is a manufacturing process used to create long objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material, often in the form of a billet, is pushed and/or drawn through a die of the desired profile shape. Hollow sections are usually extruded by placing a pin or piercing mandrel inside of the die, and in some cases positive pressure is applied to the internal cavities through the pin. Extrusion may be continuous (producing indefinitely long material) or semi-continuous (producing many short pieces). Some materials are hot drawn whilst others may be cold drawn.”

However in Information Security:

“Extrusion is the leakage/theft of internal sensitive data.”

Extrusion attack
“Extrusion Attack”

Attacking “inside-out”

  • If you cannot get directly to the data

  • Let the Users come to you

  • …and the data will follow

Extrusion testing defined
“Extrusion Testing” Defined

Testing the Threats that matter!

  • Targeted, Internet-initiated “Extrusion Attacks”

  • The Objective:

    • Demonstrate external access to internal system(s)/network(s)

    • Demonstrate external access to specific data/services

  • Puts the organization's security controls & capabilities to the test against the professional attacker:

    • Web access/content security

    • Endpoint security

    • Information leak prevention

    • Network Monitoring

Extrusion testing testing your controls inside out against the threats that actually matter

Extrusion Testing


  • e-footprinting & e-Social Engineering

    • Profile users in the organization

    • Trick users to access a specific web-site…

  • Web-born Attack

    • Use mobile code exploits to get access on internal user system (endpoint)

  • Full-blown Extrusion Testing

    • Escalate attack to compromise internal business system(s) and/or network

    • Demonstrate ability to obtain specific critical data

Web born attack drive by infection
“Web-born” Attack – drive-by infection

Invisible frame

  • Mobile code (JavaScript, VBScript)

  • Exploiting browser vulnerability

Drive by infection by what
drive-by infection by What???

  • The Mechanics…

    • Spawns a IE process, not visible

    • Controls IE via OLE

    • Establishes a connection with the attacker

    • Receives Commands as “HTML pages” from the attacker’s “Web Site”…

    • Sends output of commands as HTTP Requests (POST)

We are in now is extrusion1
We are in!...now is Extrusion


  • Download Files

  • Upload tools

We are in now is extrusion2
We are in!...now is Extrusion

Execute Commands

  • Under the privileges of the logged-on user

  • Access internal network

We are in now is extrusion3
We are in!...now is Extrusion

Escalate attack

  • Get access on internal critical systems

  • Get critical data out of the systems

Extrusion testing facts
“Extrusion Testing” Facts

Usually it takes:

  • a couple of days to e-footprint an organisation and launch a e-social enginnering attack

  • 1hour to a few days to take control of an internal endpoint…only a matter of determination

  • …and then a few days, or even hours, to “stealthily” take control of critical internal business systems and data, if not of the entire network,

  • and thus being able to conduct fraud, industrial espionage, sabotage, you name it