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  1. Forms!!!! All those things we make you help your students fill out… Finally Explained!

  2. Forms Involved • Room Condition Reports (RCRs) • Roommate/Suitemate Agreements • Private Room Agreements • Room Change Forms • Warm Body Count • Outside Commitments • Project Identity • Blue Cards • Key Check Out Card • Petition to Terminate Contract

  3. Room Condition Reports (RCRs) • As a resident you fill this form out when you move in and out of a room. • To describe any damage in the room before and after the students move out. • We do a preliminary check before students get here to see if anything needs to be fixed before they move in. • Tell students/parents to add things to these • Pink-MoveIn Copy, Yellow-MoveOut Copy, White-Res Life Copy • Be honest & thorough, we use these to assess charges

  4. Key Codes-Key IDs Don’t Forget!! Just put their S0# Student’s Name MOVE IN SECTION MOVE OUT SECTION!!! HD SECTION- NO INPUT!!! Your Signature! Answer these @ Move-Out ONLY!

  5. Roommate/Suitemate Agreements • To be completed by all roommates and suitemates • These are utilized during conflicts and arguments between roommates/suitemates • Give these back to the HD to be filed • Suitemate Agreements cover shared spaces while Roommate covers the actual room • Make sure everyone involved is honest • Repeat the agreements if someone moves out/in

  6. Private Room Agreement • Resident must get form from ResLife • Used to make sure students know what is involved with getting a private room • Privates are only available if space is open. • Contractually binding, they will have to pay the additional amount. • Needs to be turned in to Res Life • They will get a yellow copy once completed

  7. Room Change Form • Used whenever students move rooms or move between buildings. • If moving between buildings, HDs must sign. • The students get the form from the HD of the building that they are moving to. • Must have old and new roommate sign. • This form helps to make sure the roommates know the other is moving out and if the new roommate really wants them. • They have to check in and check out in a designated amount of time.

  8. Warm Body Count • Used to make sure students are actually in their respective rooms. • Your HD should keep an updated form, notify him/her of any discrepancies. • Your HD will tell you when they are due. • This is a great way to meet all of your residents. • Just have them sign/initial by their names. • Roommates cannot sign for each other. • Really easy to do, just do it.

  9. Signature or Initials Signature or Initials Signature or Initials Signature or Initials

  10. Outside Commitments Form • Used to see what you are involved in (work and leadership positions) beyond the RA position. • Your HD should keep an updated form in your file, notify them of any changes. • Remember that outside commitments are limited to: • 1 Officer Position • 10 hours as new RA • 15 hours as a returner

  11. Project Identify • Used to help identify lost/stolen property. • Have the students fill these out with the serial numbers and descriptions of their property. • Your HD should keep an updated form in their file, notify them of any changes. • Items have been recovered in the past based off of these forms. • If able to, have parents help fill them out. • Turn in to HD as soon as possible for safe keeping.

  12. Emergency Cards • These can be used when taking students to emergency room or other types of medical concerns. • Have the students fill these out with their current information. • Turn in to HD as soon as possible for safe keeping.

  13. Room Lockout Form • Place the correct time and date on the form since the HDs use this for charges. • If the student has lost the key and needs a recore, please mark accordingly. • The check out isn’t valid unless signed by resident and initialed by staff worker • East, South, Greek, Cheney, and Dearmont are the only buildings that could check out 2 keys to one person (lounge, wing, building, or house key with room key) • If a key goes missing during your shift, either from improperly filling out the form or for handing it out with out filling out the form, the RA may go on probation and/or be financially responsible for the recore.

  14. Was a Lounge Key Checked Out? Time Out Time In Your Initials Your Initials Do they need a Recore? Their Initials Their Signature The Code on the Key(s)

  15. Petition to Terminate Contract • Can pick this up from their HD or ResLife. • This is to be used to end an active contract. • This is not saying that the contract is canceled, this is a petition to get out of the contract. • Have the students fill these out with their current information.

  16. Finished with this one!! Now complete the Module test online… Good Luck!!