Unit 1
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Unit 1. Introduction to Civics. What is Civics?. The study of the rights and duties of citizenship What does it mean to be a citizen? Being a member of a country. Who Are Americans?. Demography: The study of the size, growth, and distribution of human populations Living

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Unit 1

Unit 1

Introduction to Civics

What is civics
What is Civics?

  • The study of the rights and duties of citizenship

  • What does it mean to be a citizen?

    • Being a member of a country

Who are americans
Who Are Americans?

  • Demography:

    • The study of the size, growth, and distribution of human populations

  • Living

    • Move from farms to cities, North & East to South and Westsunbelt

  • Working

    • 75% in service jobs

Who are americans1
Who Are Americans?

  • Age

    • More old peoplelonger life expectancy and baby boomers

    • What are some effects of the population getting older?

      • Societal changes & Social Security

  • Backgrounds

    • Diversity: races, cultures, ethnicities

The melting pot
The Melting Pot

  • Immigrants: people who move from 1 country to make their home in another country.

  • What does the melting pot mean?

    • People came from all over the world and “melted” into American society

  • American Mosaic

    • Pieces come together to make a whole picture.

    • People not giving up their cultures, but together all can form the American picture

Content frame the american mosaic
Content Frame: The American Mosaic

  • Count off by 5s

  • Assign each group an American Cultural Group

  • With your group, complete the content frame for your assigned culture group ONLY

  • As a class, we will go over each group and fill in the Content Frame.

Who is a citizen
Who is a Citizen?

  • Person with rights and duties under a government

  • US Citizenlegal if any of the following are true

    • Born in US or its territories, even if parents not citizens

    • One of your parents was a US citizen when you were born

    • You have been naturalized

    • You were under 18 when your parents were naturalized

What does it mean to be naturalized
What does it mean to be Naturalized?

  • Going through the legal process of becoming a citizen

  • Alien: a citizen of one country who lives in another country

    • Same rights, but can’t vote or hold public office

  • Once Naturalized…

    • Have all rights and duties of being citizen

    • Cannot be President

    • Can lose citizenship if you…

      • Try to overthrow gov’t or become a citizen of another country

Naturalization process
Naturalization Process

  • Page 57 Analyze Charts

    • Answer questions 1 & 2 in notes individually

    • Share your answers with your neighbor

    • Discuss answers as a class

The office of citizens
The “Office” of Citizens

  • All citizens of the US hold the office of voting for whom they want to represent them in the gov’t

  • Government decisions made by:

    • Citizens

    • Who we vote in for office

    • Court system

Rights of citizens
Rights of Citizens

  • To vote and hold public office

  • To freedom of speech

  • To practice your own religion

  • To fair trial

Duties of citizens
Duties of Citizens

  • Obeying the laws

  • Defending the nation

  • Serving on a jury or testifying in court

  • Paying taxes

  • Attending school

Responsibilities of citizens
Responsibilities of Citizens

  • Working toward the common good

  • Voting

  • Holding gov’t office

  • Participating in election campaigns

  • Influencing gov’t

  • Serving the community

Jose antonio vargas s story
Jose Antonio Vargas’s Story

  • Pass out written testimony

  • http://www.defineamerican.com/blog/post/joses-testimony

  • What are some important points Jose raises about immigration?

  • Was his testimony compelling?