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Wildfires. Intro Video California Wildfire http :// What is a Wildfire?. An uncontrolled fire often occurring in wild land areas. http:// Take a tip from Smokey the Bear!. What is a Fire?. The Fire Triangle

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  1. Wildfires Intro Video California Wildfire

  2. What is a Wildfire? • An uncontrolled fire often occurring in wild land areas

  3. Take a tip from Smokey the Bear!

  4. What is a Fire? • The Fire Triangle • Heat • Fuel • Oxygen

  5. Heat • A heat source is responsible for the initial ignition of fire, and heat is also needed to maintain the fire and permit it to spread. Heat allows fire to spread by removing the moisture from nearby fuel, warming surrounding air, and preheating the fuel in its path, enabling it to travel with greater ease.

  6. Fuel • Fuel is any kind of combustible material, and is characterized by its moisture content (how wet the fuel is), size and shape, quantity, and the arrangement in which it is spread over the landscape. The moisture content determines how easily that fuel will burn.

  7. Oxygen • Air contains about 21% oxygen, and most fires require at least 16% oxygen content to burn. Oxygen supports the chemical processes that occur during a wildland fire. When fuel burns, it reacts with oxygen from the surrounding air releasing heat and generating combustion products (i.e. gases, smoke,embers). This process is known as oxidation.

  8. What causes Wildfires? • Human Carelessness • Climate Changes • Drought

  9. How can we prevent Wildfires? • Campfire Safety • Debris Burning • Equipment Maintainence • House Safety

  10. Is there anything GOOD about Fire??? • Giant Sequoias Need Fire

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