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  1. WildFires William 1st Period Mrs. Baugh

  2. How Natural WildFires Start Natural wild fires start when lighting hits a tree. When lighting hits a tree or wooden object it sends electric shocks to the object. The strikes and the shocks are very hot and usually catch the object on fire.

  3. Facts about Natural Wild Fire The worst wildfire season was in 2000. Wildfires burned 8.4 million acres. Wildfires are common in many places around the world, including much of the vegetated areas of Australia, forest areas of the United States, and Canada, where the climates are sufficiently moist to allow the growth of trees, but feature extended dry, hot periods when fallen branches, leaves, and other material can dry out and becomes highly flammable. They rush through forests, clearing trees and underbrush naturally. Unfortunately, because they rage out of control, they also clear houses and endanger humans. The most common type of wildfires, surface fires, move slowly and burn along the forest floor, killing and damaging vegetation.

  4. Winds Take a Big Role in how Wildfires Spread Crown fires spread by wind moving quickly along the tops of trees. Winds can push wildfires for miles close to cities or farther away into woods were they could get larger and spread more. Sometimes winds make fires larger and take out more area of land.

  5. Wild Fires Wild fires are very dangerous and clear through forests and towns easily. Natural wild fires start by lighting hitting trees or wooden objects that catch on fire. Winds spread wild fires for miles into towns or farther into woods. Wild fires are dangerous forms of nature but can be great at the same time.