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Do Now. Who are the Aryans? Pg 37. Where are the Religions?. Ancient India. Caste System. No mobility until death ( reincarnation ) Karma determined how you would be reborn. Hinduism. Symbol

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Do now
Do Now

  • Who are the Aryans? Pg 37

Caste system
Caste System

  • No mobility until death (reincarnation)

  • Karma determined how you would be reborn


  • Symbol

  • Hindus begin their day or any work or a journey by uttering Om. Om represents “Brahman”. Their god takes many different forms.

  • Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948) is NOT a Hindu god, but is a famous Hindu. His use of non-violent resistance led to India’s independence from Britain (1942) and inspired Martin Luther King to use the same technique in American Civil Rights movement.

Location where began
Location Where Began

  • Cannot be traced to any one individual. The earliest of the Hindu scriptures – The Vedas – was composed by the Aryan priests The term "Hindu" was introduced by foreigners who referred to people living across the River Indus or Sindhu, in the north of India.


Monotheistic There are thousands of various forms of a single Supreme Being= Brahman.

Religious Figure

  • The most fundamental of Hindu deities is the Trinity.

  • Hindus also worship spirits, trees, animals and even planets.

  • Cows are a sacred animal, they represent all living creatures. Many Hindus are vegetarians!

Brahma :creator

Vishnu: ThePreserver

The trinity
The Trinity

Vishnu: ThePreserver

Brahma :creator

Shiva: The Destroyer

Do now

All these deities are

forms of the


Holy book
Holy Book

  • The basic scriptures of Hinduism, are the Vedas (sometimes called the Rig Veda).

  • Two types of sacred writings comprise the Hindu scriptures: "Shruti" (heard) and "Smriti" (memorized). They were passed on from generation to generation orally for centuries before they were written down mostly in the Sanskrit language.

Do now1
Do Now

Complete the paragraph assignment for your caste…


  • Reincarnation – individual soul is reborn in a different form after death

  • Samsara – Repeating cycle of life and death

  • Karma – right action in life – determines rebirth

  • The goal is to achieve oneness with god, Brahman – a union.

  • atman – the individual self – is the Brahman that is part of everyone.This is what is united with Brahman through strict practice

Samsara rebirth reincarnation
Samsara =(rebirth) Reincarnation