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A Note On Voltage Stabilizers

Microtek is the largest stabilizers manufacturing brand that offers high quality, cost-effective products for your home.

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A Note On Voltage Stabilizers

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  1. 2015 A Note On Voltage Stabilizers Microtek 12/21/2015

  2. Why To Choose Voltage Stabilizers Why To Choose Voltage Stabilizers Voltage fluctuation is a common problem in India. It causes serious harm to home appliances. Thus we need to use Voltage Stabilizers to keep them safe.

  3. Types Of Voltage Stabilizers We Offer Types Of Voltage Stabilizers We Offer Stabilizers For TV/LED Stabilizers For Mains Stabilizers For Air Conditioners Stabilizers For Refrigerators

  4. Our products are manufactured in State-of-the-art automatic Manufacturing Plants equipped with Hi- Tech Machines in India. Some of the Important machines are SMT, ICT and Automatic Assembly Lines etc. MICROTEK has won many awards and recognition for its commitment to the industry. All MICROTEK Digital Voltage Stabilizers are based on SAVE POWER Technology, and have many Unique Features which enable them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and SAVE Electricity.

  5. How to Choose the Best Voltage Stabilizer in India? Voltage Stabilizer is required equipment which can prevent any kind of serious destruction to various kinds of electrical home appliances to keep them safe of their users. If you are suffering from voltage fluctuations then you can buy this product to protect the home appliances of your use. The expense of a voltage stabilizer in India is not more than the damage of the electronic equipments. Function of a Stabilizer: The fundamental capacity of a Stabilizer is to make the system electric voltage that powers the apparatus equivalent to the system that is upheld by the hardware being referred to. This implies that with the utilization of a Stabilizer it is simpler to guarantee that changes in the voltage of electric current are not felt by the PC and in this way avert more noteworthy harm to hardware. The primary gear assigned for the protection of PCs against abundance or deficiency of electric voltage stabilizer is the same, which is in charge of guaranteeing that this voltage is constantly consistent, and that, in the event of compelling circumstances, it can assimilate bigger effects of these progressions and keep that most genuine harm is brought on to the PC.

  6. Things to Consider Before Buying: Some factors are there which you need to know to choose the best voltage stabilizer in India. They are as follows: Voltmeter: It shows the regulated voltage of the stabilizer. Wall Mounting: There are numerous alternatives accessible including wall mounting which can be considered for security uniquely in the event that you have children. Design: At present voltage stabilizers are available in the market in different designs, colors, sizes and styles which can be easily acquainted with the decoration of your home. High Temperature Protection: This feature ensures the stabilizer and compressors to get protected from high temperature burnout. Time Holding System: This feature helps the compressor to balance the time at the time of power outages. Digital Voltage Stabilizer: So many digital stabilizers are available in the market which can be used to operate multiple home appliances as you can switch on or off simultaneously multiple appliances. Microtek is India’s most popular brand which has launched for the first time the Digital Voltage Stabilizer in India for different appliances such as TV, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, and Mains. All types of Microtek Digital Voltage Stabilizers depend on “Save Power Technology”, and have numerous unique characteristics which empower them to give better reliability, good performance and also save electricity.

  7. Contact Details: Address: H-57, Udyog Nagar, Rohtak Road, New Delhi- 110041. Phone: 011-42733377 Fax: 011-42733399 Email: ho@microtekdirect.com Website: www.microtekdirect.com >Thank You<

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