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Requirement of Voltage Stabilizers in Industries

Serwel has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of the best Three Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizers in India. Be it Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer or Three Phase Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers; Serwel is a popular name in industry.

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Requirement of Voltage Stabilizers in Industries

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  2. What is a Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer? • These are simply termed as servo stabilizers (work on servomechanism which also known as negative feedback) and the name suggests it uses a servo motor to enable the voltage correction. • These are mainly used for high output voltage accuracy, typically ±1 percent with input voltage changes up to ± 50 percent. • These stabilizers can be: • Single-phase, • Three-phase balanced type or three-phase unbalanced units.

  3. About Serwel Electronics Private Limited • Established in 1997 with a vision to provide Power Solutions. • Committed to excellence in the areas of Designing, Manufacturing and Development of all types of power products.

  4. WHY US • We deal with technology, infrastructure and a qualified team of employees, ready to meet your every need. • We have a broader team of employees and new technological advancement, ready to match the growing trends in today’s economy. • We offer the best kind of price and performance to our esteemed customers.

  5. PRODUCTS • Power Saver • Power Conditioner • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase Residential • Static Voltage Stabilizer • Linear Automatic Voltage Stabilizer • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase Oil Cooled • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase Air Cooled • Medium & Small Power Transformers • Distribution Transformer

  6. SERVO CONTROLLED VOLTAGE STABILIZER 3 PHASE AIR COOLED • Capacity Range up to 600 KVA 3 Ph • Features • Quick response time 10 milli sec (half a cycle). • Very high efficiency above 98%. • Excellent regulation as high as +/- 0.5%. • “Micro controller” controlled system. • Wide input range of operations & high speed • of correction. • www.serwel.com/products/servo-controlled-voltage-stabilizer-3-phase-air-cooled/

  7. Technical Specifications • Input Voltage Range : 300 – 460V / 340 – 480V / 360 – 460V.AC 3 Ph.Output Voltage (3 Ph) : 415V AC.System : Unbalanced 4 wire: R Y B N.Connections : Star.Operating Frequency : 47 to 53 Hz.Output Voltage Adjustable : 380 to 415V AC in 3 Ph.Output Voltage Regulation : + 1% (No Load).Output Voltage Regulation : + 1% (Full Load).Overload Capacity : 120%.Correction Rate : 60 / 30 / 25V per Sec-3 Phase.Waveform Distortion : Nil.Output Waveform : True Reproduction of Input.Insulation : Class F.Short Circuit period &Percentage : 300% for 250 Milli Sec.Normal Operation Temperature : 00 C to 450 CClimate Conditions : 90% Rh Max. Non Condensing at 350CType of Cooling : Natural air cooled up to 600 KVAMode of system : Fully AutomaticSystem Construction : As per IS : 9815 – 1994

  8. CONTACT DETAILS Reach out to Serwel Electronics Private Limited team on below mentioned address Corporate OfficePhone Serwel Electronics Private Limited, 040-65579999  Plot No: 118, Road No: 70 Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033, Telangana. Email info@serwel.com 


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