Famous conflicts in european history
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Famous Conflicts in European History. Luther vs. Charles V. Characters : Luther – disenchanted German monk; Charles V – The HRE Conflict : beginning of Protestant Reformation Time : Early 16 th C Place: Holy Roman Empire (HRE) Issues : Religious controversy that evolved into war

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Luther vs charles v
Luther vs. Charles V

  • Characters: Luther – disenchanted German monk; Charles V – The HRE

  • Conflict: beginning of Protestant Reformation

  • Time: Early 16th C

  • Place: Holy Roman Empire (HRE)

  • Issues: Religious controversy that evolved into war

  • Impact: Victory for Lutheranism and end of religious unity in German states

Galileo vs pope urban vii
Galileo vs. Pope Urban VII

  • Characters: Galileo – Italian inventor; Urban VII – pope

  • Conflict: Galileo used telescope to prove Copernican theory

  • Time: Early 17th century

  • Place: Rome

  • Issues: science vs. Church doctrine

  • Impact: showed how out of step the Church was with emerging scientific society

Oliver cromwell vs charles i
Oliver Cromwell vs. Charles I

  • Characters: Cromwell – leader of Roundheads; Charles – Stuart monarch

  • Conflict: power of king vs. power of parliament

  • Time: 1640s

  • Place: England

  • Issues: religion, nature of the Anglican Church, authority of the monarch

Philip ii vs elizabeth i
Philip II vs. Elizabeth I

  • Characters: Philip II – King of Spain; Elizabeth I – Queen of England

  • Conflict: Philip attempted to depose Elizabeth and end Protestantism in Eng.

  • Time: 1588

  • Place: Coast of England

  • Impact: Solidified Elizabeth’s position to throne; began the decline of Spain

Frederick the great vs maria theresa
Frederick the Great vs. Maria Theresa

  • Characters: Frederick – King of Prussia; Maria Theresa – Empress of Austria

  • Conflict: Who would dominate German states

  • Time: Mid 18th century

  • Place: German states/Habsburg Empire

  • Issues: Frederick’s success in taking Silesia led to emergence of Prussia

  • Impact: Long decline of Austria began

Metternich vs mazzini
Metternich vs. Mazzini

  • Characters: Metternich – Austrian foreign minister; Mazzini – founder of Young Italy

  • Conflict: Metternich’s attempt to retain the status quo in the face of intense Italian nationalism

  • Time: 1840s

  • Place: Habsburg Empire

  • Issues: Italian desire to remove Austria from its northern lands

  • Impact: Led to Revolutions of 1848 and Metternich’s fall from power

Bismarck vs napoleon iii
Bismarck vs. Napoleon III

  • Characters: Bismarck – chief minister of Prussia; Napoleon III – emperor of France

  • Conflict: Franco-Prussian War

  • Time: 1870

  • Place: France

  • Issues: Bismarck’s intentional war w/ France to unite Germans dominated by Prussia

  • Impact: Led to German unification, cost Napoleon III his throne, reshaped European structure, sowed seeds of WWI

Wilson vs clemenceau
Wilson vs. Clemenceau

  • Characters: Wilson – President of US; Clemenceau – Premier of France

  • Conflict: Plans for peace after WWI; lenient versus harsh

  • Time: 1919

  • Place: Versailles

  • Issues: Treatment of Germany, reparations, world peace, French security

  • Impact: ToV led to WWII

Lenin vs kerensky
Lenin vs. Kerensky

  • Characters: Lenin – Communist; Kerensky – moderate socialist

  • Conflict: Battle for control of Russia

  • Time: 1917

  • Place: Russia

  • Issues: Continuation of Russia in WWI, direction of Russian Revolution

  • Impact: Bolsheviks rise to power with promises of “Land, peace, bread”

Hitler vs chamberlain
Hitler vs. Chamberlain

  • Characters: Hitler – Dictator of Germany; Chamberlain – Prime Minister of Britain

  • Conflict: Chamberlain’s attempt to appease Hitler

  • Time: 1938

  • Issues: Hitler’s desires to incorporate all Germans into a German national state; desire by GB to keep peace

  • Impact: appeasement led to WWII

Truman vs stalin
Truman vs. Stalin

  • Characters: Truman – President of US; Stalin – Dictator of Russia

  • Conflict: Involved security and world domination

  • Time: 1945-1952 (Early Cold War)

  • Place: Eurasia

  • Issues: military supremacy, global mastery, economic ideologies

  • Impact: fear of nuclear holocaust, attempt to gain support of Europe and 3rd world nations