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Abra Version 9 Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Abra Version 9 Information

Abra Version 9 Information

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Abra Version 9 Information

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  1. Abra Version 9 Information Recommended for Abra End-Users & IT Staff

  2. Release Plan Will be available 4/23/2010 upon request to all Customers with a current support and maintenance contract Obtained 100% positive vote from Partners and Beta Customers Other customers with a current support and maintenance contract will begin shipments in May

  3. What is Abra Suite v9.0? • Sage Abra Suite v9.0 is an update to Sage Abra Suite 7.8 that brings a very big change in the look and the features of your Abra Suite system • Workforce information is essential in today’s resource planning and decision making. With Sage Abra you can give your management access to the information they need; Real-time. • We are not just upgrading your software, we are upgrading the level of service you can provide to your organization. • You will love our user-tested and proven User Interface: It will make you more productive than ever. • We created a smooth and safe transition plan for you

  4. Installations • Installation Highlights • New client installation using ClickOnce to automatically update user- workstations • Support user account control (UAC) • Support WOW mode on 64-bit Microsoft operating systems • Supported versions and corresponding upgrade path? • Abra Suite 7.7 and higher • Important Installation Requirements • Abra must be uninstalled from the workstations (client installation) manually before installing version 9 • Abra Suite database and application will be moved to a new data path so third party applications that integrate with Abra may need to be reconfigured.

  5. User Interface Changes Product Demonstration

  6. View Builder- Abra ESS What is View Builder? Also called dynamic information sharing, it is the ability for our web-module of Abra to send data securely to third party tools to work with that information Spread sheets, browsers, hand held devices or more Basic Employee information, Training and Time Off information available Do I need IT’s help for View Builder? No! Abra Workforce Connection administrators can build views simply and safely including testing it prior to sending out the link! Does it cost extra? No! All Abra Workforce Connections users will receive this feature.

  7. How to Prepare for v9.0 Real Time learning courses are provided online for IT staff and end-users. These courses will review the steps of the installation process.  Go to to learn more information about the content and price of these courses. Sage University is also providing an Anytime Learning Course free of charge to review the new product highlights. Contact Access Systems Inc. if you would like us to complete your upgrade V9.0 hassle free. Knoxville office: 865.219.9112, x876 (Tammie Smith) Louisville office: 502.449.0095 (Christine Ashley)

  8. Your Next Step Take a look at the highlights online at