Sage abra benefits messenger positioning and pricing for abra business partners
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Sage Abra Benefits Messenger Positioning and Pricing for Abra Business Partners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sage Abra Benefits Messenger Positioning and Pricing for Abra Business Partners. Objectives. Bring you up to speed on the new Sage Abra Benefits Messenger solution so you can begin discussing it with your customers and prospects What is Abra Benefits Messenger?

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Sage abra benefits messenger positioning and pricing for abra business partners

Sage Abra Benefits MessengerPositioning and Pricing for Abra Business Partners


  • Bring you up to speed on the new Sage Abra Benefits Messenger solution so you can begin discussing it with your customers and prospects

    • What is Abra Benefits Messenger?

    • What customer problem does it solve and how does it work?

    • When will it be delivered?

    • How is it priced and how are we launching it?

    • What is the Abra Partner role?

Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

  • Market need

  • Sage Abra Benefits Messenger

    • Concept

    • Features & benefits

    • Requirements & compatibility

    • Carrier support

  • Overview of order, set-up and operations processes

  • Pricing and margins

Enrollment data management process
Enrollment Data Management Process

Planning &


Plan Selection

& Negotiation






Open Enrollment




Initial/Annual Enrollments

New Hires, Terminations, Life Events, Etc.

Ongoing Changes

Enrollment Changes

Carrier Updates

Data Entry

Data Transfer

Carrier Changes Take Effect

Benefits enrollment data management
Benefits Enrollment Data Management

  • Common

    • Internal benefits admin is common in mid-size companies (50-1,000ee)

  • Complex

    • Typically use multiple providers/insurance carriers, driven by

      • Types of plans offered

      • Competitive ‘shopping’ for cost management

    • Enrollment data, formats, media & update schedules vary by carrier and plan

  • Costly

    • Errors in enrollment data between employer and carrier can be costly

      • Missed enrollments

      • Inaccurate billing by carriers

      • Premium – deduction mismatches

  • Consuming

    • HR dept. is often responsible for managing data updates with carriers

    • Most carrier data updates are still via paper, but many carriers are moving to require some form of electronic files

Abra customer base benefits profile

About 90% handle benefits in-house

They offer a range of plans

66% offer 5 or more plans

69% use 3 or more carriers

Abra Customer Base Benefits Profile

There is no common data update method
There is No Common Data Update Method

How Do You Send Data to Your Carriers?

Sage abra benefits messenger
Sage Abra Benefits Messenger

  • BPO (business process outsource) service for Sage Abra HRMS

  • Automates communication of employee benefits enrollment data with insurance and benefit carriers:

    • Establishes the data exchange relationship with each benefit carrier on behalf of the Abra customer

    • Extracts the benefit enrollment data from the Abra HR database

    • Transforms (reformats) the data to the exact format required by each carrier

    • Transmits the data electronically (Internet) to each benefit carrier per the schedule determined by that carrier

Other key selling points
Other Key Selling Points

  • Supports virtually all carriers

    • Includes health, dental, vision, life 401(k), disability…

    • Pro-active carrier contracting

    • Respond to specific customer requests

    • Supports wide variety of data formats

  • Easy to set up and use

    • Only needs Internet connection

    • Technical details with carriers are handled

    • Automatic email confirmation and status notifications

  • Secure

    • SFTP & SSL, PGP encryption, authentication certificates

  • When combined with Abra HR and Abra BE, offers a complete benefits management solution

Abra end end benefits data management solution

Insurance Carriers


Benefits Manager

  • Benefit Elections

  • Dependants

  • Beneficiaries

  • Life Events

  • Enrollment “Census” Data

  • Create and manage benefit plans

  • Analyze benefits data

  • Census reports

  • Benefit reconciliation reports

  • Liability reports


Abra End-End Benefits Data Management Solution

Abra Benefits Enrollment

Abra HR

Abra Benefits Messenger

Carrier connectivity process
Carrier Connectivity Process

Abra Benefits Messenger Servers

Insurance Carriers

Benefits Manager

Enrollment Information

Abra HR +

ABC Utility Required


ABC Utility optional)

Transformed Data



Abra benefits messenger utilities
Abra Benefits Messenger Utilities

  • Client side data capture utilities

    • Supplements Sage Abra to support information capture and transmission

      • Captures and stores additional employee data, dependent data, benefit plan data and carrier information

        • Coordination of benefits

        • Provider details

        • Policy number

      • Extracts and transmits data sets to central servers

      • Schedules and performs transmissions at specific intervals

      • Assists with configuration and trouble-shooting activity

Abra benefits messenger servers
Abra Benefits Messenger Servers

  • Server side components

    • Receive and respond to end users transmissions

    • Maintain a library of benefit carrier data interchange protocol requirements

    • Carry out data transformations according to the carrier requirements

    • Transmit formatted and secured data to benefit carriers:

      • EDI: ASC X12 834 standard and extended

      • ASCII: fixed, comma delimited, tab delimited, etc

      • XML

    • Dispatch confirmations and status messages to end user

    • Maintain operational logs to support history of activities

Set up and operations process
Set-up and Operations Process

Order is placed

Messenger Utility CD is sent to customer

Customer installs Utility and begins 5-step process to become connected to benefit carriers

Step #1: Sign Up Request - Welcome email. Introduction of steps and information to be confirmed.

Step #2: Sign Up Verification – Customer verifies information with Registration key, Sage Abra Customer number, password. Customer receives email confirmation that sign up request is received

Step #3: Testing Preparation – Customer receives email confirmation that carriers have been contacted. Customer sends test file

Step #4: Carrier Testing – Test file to carrier verified.

Step #5: Go to Production – email confirmation to customer that test file verified with carrier. Customer downloads the carrier transmission schedule for each carrier. Ready to go live!

Behind the scenes
Behind the Scenes

  • Abra Customer Service in St. Petersburg

    • Process the customer orders

  • Abra Technical Support in St. Petersburg

    • Customer contact and support for Data Utilities and transmission concerns

  • Abra Benefits Messenger transformation servers in Texas

    • Manage all transaction processes between customer and carriers

  • Abra Benefits Messenger CRM center in Virginia

    • Establish and manage all carrier relations

    • ID carrier formats, protocols, schedules

  • Requirements compatibility
    Requirements & Compatibility

    • Required: Abra HR

    • Optional: Abra Benefits Enrollment

    • Compatibility: v7.5 or v8.2 (or greater)

    • Internet connection

    • No additional hardware or software required

    Carrier support
    Carrier Support

    • List of supported carriers published to PRO

    • Carriers not currently supported will be added once order is placed (typically 2-3 weeks additional lead-time)

      • Establish relations

      • Create the transformation mapping

      • Bring up on server (testing and confirmation prior to processing customer data)

    Sage abra benefits messenger pricing marketing

    Sage Abra Benefits MessengerPricing & Marketing

    Benefits management solution promotion
    “Benefits Management Solution” Promotion

    Abra Benefits Messenger set-up fee 500 per carrier

    Abra Benefits Enrollment implementation partner determined

    Partner annuity abra benefits messenger
    Partner Annuity – Abra Benefits Messenger

    • Annual service fee

      • 1st Year = 20%

      • 2nd and subsequent years = 10%

    • Set-up fees = 0%

    • Orders and billing will be directly between Sage and Customer

    • Partner annuities are paid from invoiced amounts

    Partner opportunities
    Partner Opportunities

    • Marketing and selling Abra Benefits Messenger! 

      • Current customer add-on’s

      • Part of Abra HRMS solution for new customers

    • Assist customers with Abra Benefits Messenger ordering (help collect required info and submit order form)

    • Customer benefits consulting opportunities, such as:

      • Benefits planning

      • Data management strategies, processes, etc.

      • Abra HR benefit plan definitions, etc.

      • Abra BE implementations

    Abra benefits messenger market advantages
    Abra Benefits Messenger Market Advantages

    • Expands Abra HRMS capabilities to be comparable with major service bureau offerings

      • ADP HR/Benefit Solution (Employease)

        • Hosted-only service; on-going fees

        • HR/benefits features $3-$6/PEPM + $5K-$8K implementation

        • Abra HRMS solution is cost-effective in-house/service combination

    • Positions Abra as fairly unique in HRMS market for <1,000ee

      • Ascentis is the only other HR software vendor offering similar

        • Limited - supports health, dental, vision plans

        • Abra Benefits Messenger is 40%+ less expensive

    • Easy, cost-effective add-on for installed Abra HR customers

    Contact your abra ram
    Contact Your Abra RAM…

    • Questions regarding active opportunities – we will get answers right away

    • Other questions – email to RAM’s. We will try to include in the detailed training/FAQ in December