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Abra Suite Competitive Positioning MMSB11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Abra Suite Competitive Positioning MMSB11

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Abra Suite Competitive Positioning MMSB11
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Abra Suite Competitive Positioning MMSB11

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  1. Abra Suite Competitive PositioningMMSB11 Tom Tillman Director of Product Marketing Abra Suite

  2. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Sun-Tzu (The Art of War)

  3. Abra Competitors Represented… Major Accounts Division Great Plains Enterprise Ascentis HROffice USG UltiPro Other Web-based Solutions

  4. The Focus of This Session isEmployee Self-Service&Benefits Enrollment Capabilities

  5. Major Accounts Division

  6. ADP – Major Accounts Division • Market share leader in the 50-1,000 employee payroll service bureau market (56,000 customers) • Large direct sales organization • Offers the full range of HR & payroll processing services • Offers Internet-based versions of their HRMS products (Pay eXpert, HR eXpert, Benefits eXpert) • Offers TotalChoice hosted software product to target the in-house HR/payroll software market

  7. How ADP Positions Itself • The leading provider of outsourced Payroll/HR • Provides a variety of flexible options to take administrative burdens away from companies. • Offerings range from on-site hr/payroll software to fully-outsourced services • Utilizes many different types of technology, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes. • Products are designed to increase accuracy and efficiency, reduce a company's risks, and free up time so that companies can focus on more profitable opportunities.

  8. ADP – Product Lineup

  9. ADP ESS & Benefits Management Solutions • HR/Perspective • Core benefits mgmt similar to Abra capabilities • Includes an ESS option (no additional charge) • HR/Perspective and ESS interface with PCPW, too • TotalChoice HRMS • Core benefits mgmt similar to Abra capabilities • ESS option available (additional charge) • Benefits eXpert • Web-based employee and admin benefits self-service • Includes HR/Profile or HR eXpert (no additional charge) • Bi-directional connector supports… • Pay eXpert and HR eXpert • PC Payroll and HR/Profile • Stand-alone and competitor software

  10. Self-Service Features Compared

  11. Self-Service Features Compared (2)

  12. ADP vs. Abra Pricing

  13. 150ee Pricing Compared

  14. 500ee Pricing Compared

  15. ADP Strengths & Weaknesses • Strengths • Well known name, large customer base • The full range of HR and payroll outsourced services • Visible presence, large sales organization • Weaknesses • On-going outsource service fees are very expensive over time and never end • Integrating the various software and services to meet customer needs can be clumsy and unreliable

  16. Positioning Abra vs. ADP • Abra is a complete in-house HR/Payroll system that is fully integrated on a single database, so it is easy to use and is very reliable. • Abra gives the customer the flexibility and control of information, reporting and payroll processing. • Abra offers an optional integrated tax filing service • The Abra HR/Payroll/ESS solution is a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. Abra pays for itself usually within 12-18 vs. outsourcing fees.

  17. Great Plains Enterprise

  18. Microsoft Great Plains • Microsoft Great Plains Human Resource Management Series includes HR, Payroll, and Direct Deposit • Typically included as part of an ERP solution • Microsoft Great Plains Self Service Suite for Microsoft Business Portal 1.2 is sold as an add-on to the base Great Plains HRMS application • Target market is mid-market and upward (100-2500+ employees)

  19. Self-Service Features Compared

  20. Self-Service Features Compared (2)

  21. Great Plains ESS Product • HRM Series includes Human Resources, Payroll, and Direct Deposit • HRM Self Service Suite for Microsoft Business Portal includes 5 modules: Employee Profile, Employee Pay, Time and Attendance, Recruitment, and Skills & Training

  22. Great Plains Strengths & Weaknesses • Strengths • Great Plains is a well recognized ERP/accounting solution • Microsoft name and backing • Weaknesses • MS Business Portal with HRM Self-Service Suite is a separate product, not a fully integrated GP module • No benefits open enrollment functionality • Fairly weak HR functionality – focus of Great Plains is ERP

  23. How Microsoft Positions Great Plains • Offers an HR and Payroll solution that's cost effective (purchase only those modules you need) • Backed by Microsoft support and service. • The system is easy to use, and allows for quick access to employee information and governmental reports

  24. Abra vs. Great Plains Pricing – 150ee $21,000 $9,830

  25. Abra vs. Great Plains Pricing – 500ee $33,750 $21,840

  26. Positioning Abra vs. Great Plains • Opportunities involving Great Plains will be ERP/Accounting deals, not stand-alone HRMS deals • Abra HR and Abra Workforce Connections are the complete and integrated workforce management subsystem of the MAS 90 system • Abra Payroll is the option for complex payroll processing and tax management requirements • Put focus on the client’s HR/Payroll issues and stress Abra’s superior HRMS capabilities to solve them • Be familiar with the Abra-MAS integration points: • Abra HR-MAS Payroll • Abra Payroll-MAS GL

  27. Ascentis HROffice

  28. Ascentis – About the company • Offers an HRMS with focus on ESS/Benefits Enrollment called HROffice • Located in Bellevue, WA – only 28 employees • Over 1000 customers • Primarily a direct selling model • New channel of insurance brokers

  29. HROffice by Ascentis • HROffice is a completely web-based, SQL HRMS solution. • HROffice core HR includes manager self-service. • Managers can view employee data, post notes, and view reporting organization • Benefits open enrollment is included in the optional employee self-service module. • Marketed to companies in the 500+ employee range

  30. How Ascentis Positions HROffice • HROffice offers robust functionality in HR and Benefits tracking, with quick ROI as a result of self-service and benefits reconciliation reports. • It comes complete with online open enrollment and connectivity to benefits carriers, which frees up HR staff and controls costs. • HROffice is user installable, and is very user-friendly.

  31. HROffice Modules • HROffice – core module that includes manager self-service • Employee Self-Service • Payroll Link • Carrier Connect • Alerts • Applicant Manager • HROfficeASP – hosted version of HROffice • No Payroll module

  32. Self-Service Features Compared

  33. Self-Service Features Compared (2)

  34. HROffice vs. Abra Pricing – 150 ees *20% of license annually (first year included in license)

  35. HROffice vs. Abra Pricing – 500 ees *20% of license annually (first year included in license)

  36. HROffice’s Key Strengths & Weaknesses • Strengths • SQL technology at a good price point • Strong benefits features • Weaknesses • Small company with limited resources • No payroll module – this also limits ESS capabilities • No automated workflow capabilities – instead, HROffice relies on Alerts for notifications • No standard report writer included

  37. Positioning Abra vs. Ascentis • Opportunities involving Ascentis HROffice will likely be stand-alone HR deals, probably involving benefits management (as this is Ascentis’ strong point) • Abra Suite + AWC total capabilities are superior to HROffice. But don’t get drawn into feature-by-feature comparisons • Instead broaden the focus to the client’s overall HR/Payroll issues and stress Abra’s superior HRMS capabilities to solve them • Try to bring payroll into the picture and stress the value of a fully integrated HR/Payroll solution • Position Best Software’s size and financial strength that backs up the Abra solution

  38. Ultimate Software GroupUltiPro

  39. Ultimate Software -- About the company • Ultimate “delivers web-based payroll and employee management solutions to organizations of all sizes” • Offers both in-house and hosted HR and payroll applications • Headquartered in Weston, FL - approximately 415 employees nationwide • Company experienced $9 million net loss in 2003, $14 million net loss in 2002, and $9 million net loss in 2001

  40. UltiPro Workforce Management • Modular, web-based in-house HR/Payroll management • Also offered as a hosted solution • 12 available modules • Marketed to companies in the 500-2000 employee range • 1200-1500 employees is the “sweet spot”

  41. How Ultimate Positions UltiPro • Ultimate specializes in HR/Payroll only, and offers the most functionality for the best value. • Self-service is key to UltiPro’s product offerings: it includes a central web portal that serves as a gateway for employees to access important information • UltiPro streamlines HR and Payroll processes to reduce administration and operational costs

  42. Workforce Portal eEmployee Self Service eManagement eAdministration eHuman Resources ePayroll Processing eRecruitment eBenefits Enrollment eTraining Enrollment Business Intelligence Position Management UltiPro Wireless Ultipro Modules Software is packaged as core HRMS with ESS and workflow, with other modules sold separately.

  43. UltiPro Workforce Management

  44. Self-Service Features Compared

  45. Self-Service Features Compared (2)

  46. UltiPro Strengths & Weaknesses • Strengths • 100% web-accessible solution with MS SQL technology and .NET architecture • Comprehensive feature set, including business intelligence tools for executives • Over 100 standard workflow processes • Weaknesses • All those features come with a hefty price tag • Complex, longer implementation • No stand alone payroll

  47. UltiPro vs. Abra Pricing – 150 ees

  48. UltiPro vs. Abra Pricing – 500 ees

  49. Positioning Abra vs. Ultimate Software • When positioning the Abra against UltiPro, always involve CFO or Finance executive in the discussions. • Position Abra’s strong total cost of ownership with full feature set and very reasonable price points. • USG technology = complexity and cost • Longer implementation cycle • More expensive licensing and support

  50. Abra Competitor Information • “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” • Samuel Johnson Where to find from Best: • Post-Insights CD - this presentation • PRO – this presentation and other competitive updates • Share your competitor knowledge with Best: • Contact Tom Tillman • Tom.tillman@bestsoftware.com • 727-579-1111 extension 3304