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  1. Yoga Elyse and Luis

  2. Equipment • A yoga mat or blanket (optional) • Loose fit clothing • Yoga ball (optional) • Plenty of space • Possibly a timer • A water bottle • Yoga is a good exercise to do in the • comfort of your own living room, • but can be done anywhere there is • space.

  3. Safety concerns Avoiding Knee Injury To avoid knee injury when doing yoga, be sure to keep the knees straight (especially in standing poses). The knees should be forward in line with the ankle and foot. Do NOT let them push or twist inward or outward. High Blood Pressure If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should NOT do inverted postures. These postures increase the blood flow and can cause serious problems. Before you begin Pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before beginning a yoga practice. Yoga can help you adjust to the physical changes your body in undergoing, but it should be undertaken with care. Waiting Time Yoga exercises exert pressure on the internal organs. So be sure not to eat before practice. If you've eaten a meal, wait at least two hours. If you've eaten a snack, wait 30 minutes to one hour.

  4. Safety concerns continued . . . Physician's Advice As with any new physical activity, if you have any existing medical problem or condition, you should consult your doctor before undertaking a yoga practice. Yoga may seem simple, but these poses have a strong effect on your muscles and internal organs. If you have any concerns, you should check with your doctor before starting.

  5. Health Benefits Statistics: • Stress reduction • Increased fitness • Management of • chronic health conditions • Weight loss Apparently, many people are practicing yoga. According to a 2003 survey by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, an estimated 13.4 million Americans practice yoga or other mind-body exercises such as tai chi. Of those, an estimated 1.6 million were 55 or older. While you shouldn't expect yoga to cure you or offer 100 percent relief, it can help some health conditions when combined with standard treatment. And if you already enjoy good health, yoga can be an enjoyable supplement to your regular fitness routine.

  6. Yoga poses

  7. Yoga in it’s simplest Form . . .

  8. (10 minutes) The Warm-Up Music: relaxing , soothing music (ex. Buddha bar) 1. Start in Easy Pose or Accomplished Pose. Keep the shoulders down and back, the spine long and the chest open. 2.Keep the shoulders down and back, the hips grounded to the floor and reach through the fingertips. 3.Round the spine and relax the head and elbows down. 4. Place the left hand on the right knee and the right hand behind your back. Look over your right shoulder and look behind you. Keep the spine long and the shoulders down. 5. Bring the spine back to neutral position. Keep the shoulders down and back, the spine long and the chest open.

  9. Exercise (10 minutes)

  10. Exercise (10 minutes)

  11. Exercise (10 minutes)

  12. Exercise (10 minutes)

  13. Cooling down Just rest on the floor, breathing in and out With your eyes closed. Optional: beach