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Project HISTORY, 2009-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Project HISTORY, 2009-2013

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Project HISTORY, 2009-2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project HISTORY, 2009-2013. A Look Back. Pre-Project. After two or three unsuccessful attempts to win a Teaching American History grant, we were finally successful in 2009. Past rejections were due; Too much emphasis on technology Faculty presenters who were too old

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Presentation Transcript
pre project
  • After two or three unsuccessful attempts to win a Teaching American History grant, we were finally successful in 2009.
  • Past rejections were due;
    • Too much emphasis on technology
    • Faculty presenters who were too old
  • In the 2009 competition, these past problems, became strengths in securing a grant
call for teachers
Call for Teachers
  • In the summer of 2009 we sent announcements and invitations to all the area school districts to send us their best and brightest teachers
  • This is how many of you ended up in the program
year 1 2009 2010
Year 1 2009-2010
  • In August of 2009 the original group of teachers met for a week of orientation workshops at Cicero-North Syracuse High School
august 2009
August 2009
  • You met our evaluator and took a pre-test
  • You visited Ste. Marie Among the Iroquois
  • You heard a presentation by Professor Ralph Ketcham on “The Revolution and the New Nation, 1763-1791”
  • You watched and participated in a reenactment of the Ratification Debates with our guests George Clinton and Alexander Hamilton
  • You participated in “The Presidency and our Constitution” simulation
september 2009
September 2009
  • We introduced the American History Public Policy Analyst (AHPPA)
  • We presented on WebQuests
  • You created your own WebQuest lesson plans for your classes
october 2009
October 2009
  • Professor Ketcham presented on the Presidency and the first Presidents drawing from his book, “Presidents Above Parties”
november 2009
November 2009
  • Professor Roger Sharp delivered two talks
    • The Election of 1800
    • The Market and Transportation Revolution
  • We visited the Erie Canal Museum
december 2009
December 2009
  • Professor Jim Carroll delivered a presentation on the Marshall Court
  • We showed you how to analyze Individual Rights Supreme Court cases using CompuLEGAL
january 2010
January 2010
  • We reviewed the AHPPA again
  • We presented on PowerPoint
  • You created a PowerPoint lesson for your classes which included one step of the AHPPA process
february 2010
February 2010
  • Professor Jim Carroll presented on landmark Equal Protection Supreme Court cases
  • We reviewed CompuLEGAL again
  • We showed you several different teaching methods for infusing Supreme Court cases into your teaching
march 2010
March 2010
  • Professor Sharp delivered two more presentations
    • The Election of Andrew Jackson
    • The Presidency of Andrew Jackson
april 2010
April 2010
  • Professor Sharp returned one more time for presentations on
    • The Origins of the Sectional Controversy
    • The Secession Crisis
may 2010
May 2010
  • We took a field trip to Auburn, NY and visited
    • The Seward House Museum
    • The Harriet Tubman House
year 2 2010 2011
Year 2, 2010-2011

August 2010

  • Professor Douglas Egerton of Le Moyne College presented (based on his book “Year of Meteors”) on consecutive days in August on
    • Abe Lincoln and the Election of 1860
    • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • We also visited the Onondaga Historical Association
september 2010
September 2010
  • Professor William Wiecek presented on “The United States Supreme Court and Race in American History”
  • In the afternoon you created another AHPPA WebQuest
october 2010
October 2010
  • Professor Andrew Cohen presented on “Tariffs, Smuggling, Law and Foreign Policy in the Gilded Age” based on his book
november 2010
November 2010
  • Professor Margaret Thompson delivered a talk entitled “The Road to Suffrage”
  • We also heard a presentation from Sue Boland on the Matilda Joslyn Gage and the Gage Home
december 2010
December 2010
  • Professor John Briggs presented on “Story Lines and Myths in 20th Century Immigration Historiography”


january 2011
January 2011
  • Visiting Professor Mark Schmeller presented a talk on “Public Opinion”
february 2011
February 2011
  • Professor Jim Carroll delivered a presentation on Freedom of Speech and Press with an emphasis on National Secuity
  • We also reviewed CompuLEGAL
march 2011
March 2011
  • Professor Cohen presented on “American Workers, 1830-1945”
april 2011
April 2011
  • Professor Carol Faulkner delivered a talk on “Lucretia Mott and the Seneca Falls Convention”
  • Later we visited the Oneida Community Mansion House
may 2011
May 2011
  • Professor Cohen returned one final time to talk about “Progressivism and the Jazz Age”
year 3 2011 2012
Year 3 2011-2012
  • The original Project HISTORY was supposed to be a 5-year project with two cadres of teachers each participating for 2.5 years.
  • However the funding was cut for the program and so instead of recruiting a new cadre of teachers we continued with the current group
september 2011
September 2011
  • Professor David Bennett presented an in depth look at World War I
october 2011
October 2011
  • We heard from Melissa Greene from Teacher Created Materials who presented on the new Common Core State Standards
  • Later in the day you created another AHPPA WebQuest for your classes
november 2011
November 2011
  • We visited Seneca Falls, New York
    • Women’s Rights National Park
    • National Women’s Hall of Fame
    • Heard an after-lunch talk from Hall of Famer, Karen DeCrow on the second wave of feminism
december 2011
December 2011
  • Professor Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn presented on Jane Addams and “Settlement House”
january 2012
January 2012
  • Professor David Bennett returned for an in depth study of World War II
february 2012
February 2012
  • Professor Bennett delivered a talk based on his book “The Party of Fear” which you received copies of
march 2012
March 2012
  • Another workshop where you created an AHPPA PowerPoint
  • In the afternoon Professor Jim Carroll presented on student rights and
  • We had a special guest (Mary Beth Tinker) for our simulation which you all participated in
april 2012
April 2012
  • We took a three-day field trip to Philadelphia, PA
  • Among the sites we visited were
    • Valley Forge
    • Independence Center
    • Liberty Bell
    • Christ Church
    • National Constitution Center
    • City Tavern
may 2012
May 2012
  • Professor Bennett returned one final time for a workshop on “Terrorism”
year 4 2012 2013
Year 4, 2012-2013

Our grant was supposed to end in July of 2012, but due to our sound fiscal management of the project, we had enough carry-over funds to apply for and receive a six-month extension

september 2012
September 2012
  • Professor Gonda presented on the “Origins of the Civil Rights Movement”
october 20101
October, 2010
  • Joe Montecalvo did a short presentation on the new CCSS as well as on flipped teaching
october 2012
October 2012
  • Professor Milton Sernett presented on “Harriet Tubman and the Abolition Movement”
november 2012
November 2012
  • Dr. Lee Kanawada visited and presented on “The Holocaust, 1933-1945”
november 20121
November 2012
  • Professor Margaret Thompson returned and presented on “Social Media and the Elections”
december 2012
December 2012
  • Professor Jim Carroll presented on Due Process Rights Supreme Court cases
  • We reviewed CompuLEGAL once again
january 2013
January 2013
  • TODAY!
  • Status of teacher material orders
  • A review of the entire project
  • A review of resources that you will have going forward
  • An online exit survey for you to take
  • Our thanks for making this a most enjoyable 3+ years!
parting thought
Parting thought
  • If you recall from the initial workshop back on August 24, 2009, Jim presented a PowerPoint (with thanks to Charles Schultz) where he listed the three kinds of teachers you will find in every school