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Reading Olympics 2013-2014. Jake Mealey (president). Favorite Color: Green Favorite Subject: Science Reason for Joining Reading Olympics: I enjoy reading and making new friends in a exciting environment Fun Fact:. Abi Lua (vice-president). Favorite Color: Red

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Jake mealey president
Jake Mealey (president)

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Favorite Subject: Science

  • Reason for Joining Reading Olympics: I enjoy reading and making new friends in a exciting environment

  • Fun Fact:

Abi lua vice president
AbiLua (vice-president)

  • Favorite Color: Red

  • Favorite Subject: English and Latn

  • Reason for Joining Reading Olympics: “Ilove reading but, due to time constraints, often find myself unable to read as much as I would like to. with reading Olympics, I am given more of a priority to read books and therefore am able to somehow fit in reading as a part of my academic schedule.

  • Fun Fact: After watching a movie, reads the accompanying Wikipedia article on it

Tutu gbadebo secretary
Tutu Gbadebo (Secretary)

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Favorite Subject: History

  • Reason for Joining Reading Olympics: “I love Reading.”

  • Fun Fact: Knows the names of the kings and queens of England since William I

Anika tahsin treasurer
AnikaTahsin (Treasurer)

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Favorite Subject: English

  • Reason for Joining Reading Olympics: “I felt nostalgic of my elementary days when I first started high school, and seeing the Reading Olympics booth at the activities fair sophomore year brought back good memories of when I was in Reading Olympics in elementary School.”

  • Fun Fact: unintentionally kills all potted plants that she is put in charge of

What is reading olympics
What is Reading Olympics?

  • Reading Olympics is a club in which we read books from a set list of 44.

  • In late March – early April, we go to a competition, usually at Wissahickon High School, and answer content-based questions from the books.

  • Each question is worth one point and the goal is to have fun with your peers and make new friends.

What is reading olympics continued
What is Reading Olympics? (continued)

  • Before the competition day, after school we will meet here in K126 and have a pizza party to celebrate how far we have come.

  • Note: There are dues for this club! Dues are $5 and will contribute to snacks for each meeting as well as the pizza party at the end of the year!

Things in the works
Things in the works

  • Possible Charity event? Ideas?

  • Possible field trip at the end of the year? A tour of the Free Library of Philadelphia?

  • Future T-shirt meeting (TBD)

  • Future fundraiser?

New method
New Method

  • This year, in order to have all the books read by at least one person, we will each pull a book at random from a hat. This book is your book for the week. If you pull a book that you have already read, please place that slip back in the hat and draw again.


  • Our full club meetings will occur on the first Monday of each month leading up to the competition. We will add meetings if we feel it is necessary.

  • During each meeting, it is expected from each member to share important details about the book that they have read for this meeting. In addition, a summary of the book is to be submitted to the Wikispace page!


  • A number of our books are located in the IMC here at the high school

  • Lets go down to the IMC to see!