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Lord Byron

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Lord Byron. Tamarra Montgomery, Anna Hall, Alex Messick, John Bennett. Background information . Lord Byron was born with a club-foot Jack Byron, Lord Byron's father, deserted him and his mother in 1790. When he died, he left all his debts for his wife and son to pay.

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Lord Byron

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    1. Lord Byron Tamarra Montgomery, Anna Hall, Alex Messick, John Bennett

    2. Background information • Lord Byron was born with a club-foot • Jack Byron, Lord Byron's father, deserted him and his mother in 1790. When he died, he left all his debts for his wife and son to pay. • Lord Byron was an avid reader as a young man and later calculated that he read 4,000 works of fiction. • As a young man Byron had several love affairs, including one with his half sister. His unrequested passion for Mary Chaworth inspired him to first start writing poetry. • Byron attended Trinity College at Cambridge, where he was a popular, handsome young man. He graduated in 1808 with a M.A. degree.

    3. Byron traveled through Europe and the Middle East, retuning with sections of the book-length poem, Childe Harold’s pilgrimage. • In London, He was a ladies man was treated like a true celebrity. • Byron was driven from England when his marriage to Annabella Milbanke ended, and he would never return to England after that.  Instead he traveled through Europe with his friend Percy Bysshe Shelley, then settled in Italy where he wrote Don Juan. • While living in Italy Lord Byron's daughter died, and then Shelley drowned in a boating accident.  • In 1823 Byron joined a revolutionary group in Greece who sought to break free from Turkish rule.  While training troops, he dies of rheumatic fever.  He is still revered today as a national hero in Greece.

    4. She Walks in Beauty • The poem is about an unnamed woman. • She's really quite amazing, and the speaker compares her to lots of beautiful, but dark things, like "night" and "starry skies." • The second stanza continues to use the contrast between light and dark, day and night, to describe her beauty. • Also that her face is really "pure" and "sweet." • The third stanza wraps it all up – she's not just beautiful, she's "good" and "innocent.”

    5. Major themes of “She Walks in Beauty” are Night and Death, because the woman is wearing a black dress with spangles, and it reminds him of a mourning gown and of the night sky while he wrote it.

    6. Apostrophe to the Ocean • The power of the ocean and how it relates to politics and war. • It deals cultural and human relations. • The poem is a metaphoric montage to he ocean.

    7. Major themes are the of “Apostrophe to the Ocean” are the Power of Nature and its impact on human civilization.

    8. Don Juan • It’s a mock epic about growing old and life. • The poem tells a story of a reflection of a mans life and self examination • The main character represents Lord Byron himself.

    9. Time is a major theme to “Don Juan”, as Lord Byron explores his own past and reflects upon it.

    10. Consensus • We decided that Don Juan is Byron’s best work from the selections we read. It features a centralized and flowing plot. The epic follows the life of a man who is easily seduced by women. The title character and protagonist goes through different faces of life and faces the challenges. Which spoke to us as we will soon depart to face some of the challenges the poem speaks of.