E ink haptic touch and mems
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E-Ink, Haptic Touch and MEMS. Jake Schwartz. Imagine a single handheld embedded with all HP calcs…. Touchscreen Calc Proposals Before. Circa 2000. Touchscreen Calc Proposals Before, contd. 1989: HP28 functions on right of clamshell, Full touchscreen on the left.

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Touchscreen Calc Proposals Before, contd.

1989: HP28 functions on right of clamshell,

Full touchscreen on the left

Touchscreen Calc Proposals Before, contd.

1990s: emu48 2000: emu49 iPAQ version

Touchscreen Calc Proposals Before, contd.

2009: HP Voyager Apps on the Apple iPhone



Another recent technology: Electronic Ink

  • Extremely high contrast

  • Display remains “on” until modified

Samsung e-reader Samsung Alias 2 mobile phone

with E-Ink keyboard

Electronic Ink, Continued

In 2005, Tim Wessman’s proposed calculator with E-Ink

display surface around the keyboard keys was the winner of HP’s Design-A-Calculator contest

The Case For MEMS

(MicroElectroMechanical Systems)



An Array of Swiveling


The Case For MEMS, continued

  • Consider an imaginary MEMS device consisting of an array of “Surface Elements”

  • Each is touch sensitive and has a size of 75-by-75 to the inch

  • Each contains an addressable 4-by-4-pixel E-ink display on top (net 300 dpi)

  • Each may be either “disengaged” or “engaged”

  • When engaged, surface exhibits miniature “oilcan” snap effect when pressed

Close-up of a

single “Surface Element”


The Case For MEMS, continued

  • Software would specify groups of SurfELs to be engaged at the same time,

  • with each group acting as a keyboard key, and labeled as such on the

  • display on top

  • Like on the iPhone app,

  • the top of the screen

  • could act as the display

  • with the lower portion

  • acting as the keyboard

  • When disengaged, the

  • screen could be written

  • on with a stylus, if

  • desired

The “Final Fantasy”

  • After turning on the application, it asks the user to choose the series

  • Then it requests to choose the model