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Act 3 Mini Quiz PowerPoint Presentation
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Act 3 Mini Quiz

Act 3 Mini Quiz

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Act 3 Mini Quiz

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  1. Act 3 Mini Quiz • 1.) Read the following lines. What conclusion can you draw about Danforth from his response to Francis about questioning the girls’ actions? Danforth. And do you know that near to four hundred are in the jails from Marblehead to • Lynn, and upon my signature? • A. He is angry with the girls for fooling him. • B. He is offended that people question his • authority. • C. He is glad that Francis is standing up for • himself. • D. He is surprised that so many people are in • jail.

  2. Act 3 Mini Quiz • 2.) A conflict between Giles and Putnam drives the plot of the drama forward when Giles says that Putnam wants to • A. take George Jacobs’s land • B. send Giles to jail • C. overthrow the court • D. expose Proctor’s lechery • 3.) Why is Giles Corey afraid to reveal the names of the people who are his witnesses? • A. The court’s purpose is confusing for him. • B. Giles is afraid of Abigail’s revenge. • C. Parris has threatened to have him arrested. • D. Giles is afraid that they will be arrested.

  3. Act 3 Mini Quiz • 4.) Read the following lines. What conclusion can you draw about Proctor from his response to Parris’s accusation about Elizabeth? Proctor ( furious ). There might also be a • dragon with five legs in my house, but no one has ever seen it. • A. He is angry at Mary for mentioning poppets to a suspicious Parris. • B. He is tired of defending ridiculous accusations without any real proof. • C. He is afraid that he has been bewitched to see invisible animals. • D. He is worried that Danforth will think he is lying for sympathy.

  4. Act 3 Mini Quiz • 5.) To avoid being questioned about the truth of her accusations, Abigail suggests that she will • A. accuse John Proctor of witchcraft • B. say that Danforth is an unfit judge • C. accuse Danforth of being possessed • D. run Reverend Hale out of town

  5. Objective • By the end of this class, you should be able to: • Analyze an author’s structure by complete a mini quiz for Acts 3 & 4 of The Crucible.

  6. Essential Question What structure does the author use to set up the play?

  7. Act 4 Mini Quiz • 1.) Which of Parris’s actions helps you draw the conclusion that his conscience may be bothering him? • A. arguing with Danforth • B. delivering sermons • C. weeping constantly • D. reading the Scriptures

  8. Act 4 Mini Quiz • 2.) Why is Parris so concerned about the events that are rumored to be taking place in Andover? • A. Parris fears that the examinations in Andover will be put to a stop. • B. He fears that the disbelief in the trials will spread to Salem and cause a riot. • C. He wants to avoid repercussions if thetrials are proven to be fraudulent. • D. He is convinced that the people will allow witchcraft to spread throughout the colony.

  9. Act 4 Mini Quiz • 3.) Parris explains that Salem’s situation is different from other communities conducting examinations because • A. Salem is a more conservative town with less of a belief in witchcraft • B. as the pastor in Salem, he will become the scapegoat for all of Salem’s problems • C. the people accused and scheduled for hanging in Salem are people of good character • D. Abigail has disappeared, but in the other towns the accusers are still present

  10. Act 4 Mini Quiz • 4.) What conflict between Danforth and Parris drives the plot forward in Act Four? • A. They argue about postponing the hangings. • B. Danforth wants Parris to go to Andover. • C. Parris wants Danforth to find Abigail. • D. They disagree about whether to arrest Hale.

  11. Act 4 Mini Quiz • 5.) What do the stage directions in the following lines tell you about Danforth? • Elizabeth ( as a warning reminder ). I am yet six month before my time. • Danforth. Pray be at your ease, we come not for your life. We—( uncertain how to plead, for he is not accustomed to it. ) Mr. Hale, will you speak to the woman? • A. He is too busy to talk to Elizabeth. • B. He does not like to talk to women. • C. He feels bad for scaring the townspeople. • D. He is only used to telling people what to • do.

  12. Act 4 Mini Quiz • 6.) Hale asks Elizabeth to encourage Proctor to lie because Hale • A. does not want Proctor’s children left as orphans • B. believes that dying for pride is worse than lying • C. believes that John is basically a dishonest man • D. wants to prove to Danforth that he is right