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Why Should you Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet 24/7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical alert identification tags came up as saviors for people who suffer from clinical conditions that need immediate medical attention. It can help avoid potential health hazards. Read the full documents.

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Why should you wear a medical alert bracelet 24 7

Article2: MedicEngraved

Why Should you Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet 24/7

Medical alert identification tags came up as saviors for people who suffer from clinical conditions that need

immediate medical attention. Though wallet cards were doing the job fine before them, in situations where such

carry-ons are irrecoverable, the paramedics need some cues to work with. In absence of that, the doctors are then

moved to take a stand to attend to the ailment at hand instead of looking up their history. A medical alert bracelet is

a fine alternative to those cue cards. They are worn in the arm where a doctor looks first for any cue. The tags are

sold in the market of different materials such as steel, sterling silver, tungsten and even gold.

Why Wear Them?

In a hypothetical situation where a patient meets with an accident and loses consciousness when taken to the

emergency ward, the doctors need some elementary information to base their decisions upon, particularly for

patients suffering from any chronic and malignant conditions. There are some drugs that react with the body's

immunity mechanism while others affect existing conditions in adverse ways. So, it is important for patients suffering

from such conditions to inform the medical responders about them before they administer a dose. Between

intimating the families and reviving the patients' consciousness, a lot happens. So, wearing a bracelet is a way of

keeping some very important health information handy. It can help avoid potential health hazards.

Who Should Wear Them

Not everybody needs to carry around medical bracelets Canada. Only people suffering from certain chronic and

complicated medical conditions are recommended to wear one for emergency situations. There are some conditions

in particular that need intimation prior to the administration of any drug. Some of those diseases are Alzheimer ’s

disease, adrenalin insufficiency, asthma, epilepsy, autism, angioedema, diabetes, hemophilia, hypopituitarism,

seizure disorders, porphyria and such. Also, patients with medical implants like a pacemaker, those with anaphylaxis

allergies to certain drugs, food, and worms, those on anticoagulants and chemotherapies, those of rare blood type

must carry a medical tag at all time.

What Information Do They Feature?

Medical alert bracelets Canada do not have unlimited space to engrave as many details from the medical history as

possible. Within its limited panel, you have to accommodate all important information, and hence what you select to

engrave is important. In most cases, the vignette starts with the existing medical conditions. Other details that must

be published on the band are phone numbers of emergency contacts, user number of any national health service

and the name of the patient. Whether or not the plaque features the name of the patient, it should have the name

of the condition that the doctor must know about and the contact number of their doctor or someone from the

family who is adequately informed about the complication


Julie Hanson is a medical professional who retired recently. She now writes articles and blogs on medical awareness

and helps a social cause in spreading such awareness. She recommends for all medical jewelry

for those suffering from fatal illnesses.