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Social Media Marketing Strategies PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Social Media Marketing Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

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  1. What are Social Media Sites ? Social media websites and applications are a platform where anyone create account and share photos, videos and other content with others. Technology developed a lot hence there are many social media sites in today’s world.

  2. List of Top Social Media Websites • Google+ - Launched on December 15, 2011. Its SEO value alone makes it a must-use tool for any small business. • Facebook-Its is the biggest social media platform. FB founded on February 4, 2004. Facebook is using for chatting, making friends and business marketing. • Twitter- Twitter is the simplest social platform but it has a 140 characters limit for posting. • LinkedIn- LinkedIn is a top social networking site for professionals. It help to connect people with same industry or field.

  3. Pinterest- Pinterest is largest photo sharing website. You can use it to share business photos. • Tumblr- Tumblr is only one social websites where you can post in several formats like chat, photo, video, chat and audio formats. • Youtube- Youtube is popular and largest video sharing website. It has one billion visitors per month. • Instagram- Instagram is a similar to Pinterest. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

  4. Lets Know About Social Media Marketing

  5. Social media marketing is a way to getting traffic and increase ranking by using social media sites. Social media networking websites have a lost of visitors hence these sites are useful for promoting any business and increase sales

  6. Advantages of Social Media Advertisement

  7. Advantages of Social Media Advertisement • Increase in Website Traffic • Increase and boosts customers • Easy to use and save money • Increase your brand reputation • You can do it from anywhere • Helpful in reaching your business in younger generation • Social sharing help to viral your information and content • Improvement in social sharing and gives good back links

  8. Social Media Marketing Plan by Social Media Experts Instagram marketing Social media marketing facebook Video marketing using Youtube Know more about social media management- www.mediajunkies.com.au