meandate is an online dating magazine by akshit n.
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Major Reasons Why Relationship Fails PowerPoint Presentation
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Major Reasons Why Relationship Fails

Major Reasons Why Relationship Fails

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Major Reasons Why Relationship Fails

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  1. Meandate is an online dating magazine by AkshitBhasin that administers the love, relationship and Online dating subject in a very practical, useful and entertaining way.

  2. “LIVE IN” RELATIONSHIP IS BETTER THAN BEING MARRIED Free cock reminds me another advantage of live in relationship is freedom. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you are free to move out of this relation any time you want with very less drama. As a married couple, you are bound to a relationship and you cannot revert it back even if you want desperately to move out of the relation

  3. WAYS TO BREAK UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND GRACIOUSLY Hey girl! Its OK! you don’t really have to stress yourself thinking if its right or wrong..! Keep your morals aside and ask yourself! Are you really happy? If it’s a no!?! Then trust me, you are making him suffer too! Probably you need to be a strong woman now and take a step for yourself!Be Bold and go ahead and break up. Here are some reasons to help you break up!

  4. ROMANTIC IDEAS OF DATES & ANNIVERSARY FOR HER Adventure always redefines your love, whether you are at the age of 20’s, or at the age of 40’s there is always a lot to do in life. Whenever you are with your love (his/her) you always got some extra level of energy and enthusiasm. You can use these extras in doing adventure activities with your better half.

  5. TIPS ABOUT DATING ADVICE FOR MEN Today’s women are independent, and can afford her expenses, paying on your first date is often a tricky thing, many questions run in your mind related to paying on your first date. If she asks you to share the bill, don’t treat her forcefully, instead suggest her to pay on your next date.

  6. MAJOR REASONS WHY RELATIONSHIP FAILS Financial compatibility is the greater possibilities in case of breakups. The difference over money results in relational dissolution, Dispute may arise due to the difference in earning in the couple. So every couple should keep in mind that there is no need to fight about money, and spoil your relationship because money can always be made, but hurtful words can never be taken back.

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