why email marketing fails n.
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Why Email Marketing Fails

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Why Email Marketing Fails - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Email Marketing Fails. Dan Belhassen greatBIGnews.com Modern Earth Inc. Your session leader. Dan Belhassen Founder & President of Modern Earth Inc., an Internet technology company Website creators, online software developers, search engine consultants, new media marketing specialists

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Why Email Marketing Fails

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why email marketing fails

Why Email Marketing Fails

Dan Belhassen


Modern Earth Inc.

your session leader
Your session leader
  • Dan Belhassen
    • Founder & President of Modern Earth Inc., an Internet technology company
    • Website creators, online software developers, search engine consultants, new media marketing specialists
    • Booth in exhibit hall
don t believe the session title
Don’t believe the session title…
  • Email marketing can do great things for your program
  • IF you follow some best practices..
the promise of email marketing
The promise of Email Marketing
  • Reach thousands for pennies
  • Significant ROI
why not explore this medium
Why not explore this medium?
  • Budgets are tight?
  • Internal IT roadblocks?
  • Concerned about time requirements?
  • Afraid of being labeled a spammer?
top 10 best practices
Top 10 Best Practices
  • Based on LERN practices & feedback from our clients
touch your market
Touch your market!
  • On a regular basis
  • Based on their need to know
  • Timely content
    • New brochure/session starting soon!
  • Meaningful content
    • Since you’re interested in kids camps..
  • Call to action
    • Registration ends in 6 days!
send segmented promotions
Send segmented promotions!
  • Don’t use one look for all your markets
  • Different designs for each of your 7 segment, ie:

Plus an “alert” template to change expectations

send segmented promotions1
Send segmented promotions!
  • Sample “General” template
send segmented promotions2
Send segmented promotions!
  • Sample “GenX” template
send segmented promotions3
Send segmented promotions!
  • Sample “GenY” template
forget newsletters
Forget newsletters!
  • Who has time to READ A NEWSLETTER?
    • Receiver focused
    • Easy to scan
    • “What’s in it for me?”
don t over content
Don’t “over content”
  • Less is more
  • Don’t make reading your promo work
  • Better a fast, interesting read
  • Give them a reason to read it
use teaser paragraphs
Use teaser paragraphs
  • Small paragraphs
  • Click link to read full text
    • Use link tracking to know what people are actually reading
measure your results
Measure your results!
  • Keep track of open & click statistics
  • The truth about open rates
    • 40% is “Good”
    • 80% periodic readership average
    • The long tail…
  • Measure results & seek improvements
use humour or controversy
Use humour or controversy!
  • Entertainment drives readership
  • Readership drives registration
  • Be different!
    • Einstein with a clown nose = “serious fun”
blend promotion content
Blend promotion & content!
  • Feature high profile instructors
  • Use anecdotes
  • Use past student testimonials
  • Pass the WIIFM test
send follow ups
Send follow ups!
  • Use click-through tracking to send targeted follow ups
  • Pay attention to what gets low clicks
    • And what gets high clicks!
track conversions
Track conversions!
  • Click-through > website
  • Website > registration form
  • Registration form > submission
sample marketing plan
Sample Marketing Plan
  • Sample plan is for community programs
    • Easily modified for other program types
sample marketing plan1
Sample Marketing Plan
  • Assumptions
    • 4 or 5 brochures per year
    • Not yet doing email marketing
    • 1,000 initial subscribers
      • Culled from past reservations
      • Online registration capability
  • Detailed for one quarter
    • Replicate for rest of year
sample marketing plan2
Sample Marketing Plan
  • August
    • Modify website to accept email subscribers
      • Create promotion page with incentive
      • Free course? Gift certificate draw?
      • Register with a friend discount?
      • Let them know clearly what to expect
    • Train your staff to ABA!
    • Feature email promos in brochure
sample marketing plan3
Sample Marketing Plan
  • August
    • Modify online system to capture email addresses (opt in if required)
    • Brochure -2 days
      • Send promo “watch for brochure..”
    • Brochure +3 days
      • “Looked at the brochure yet?
      • Download instructions
sample marketing plan4
Sample Marketing Plan
  • September
    • Create a series of spotlight promotions
    • 10 courses in one theme
    • Include images and more details
    • Sidebar for “courses in danger”
      • Low & high enrollment
    • Once per week for 4 weeks
sample marketing plan5
Sample Marketing Plan
  • October
    • Promo every 2 weeks
    • Spotlight 6 upcoming courses
    • Focus on “part two” courses
sample marketing plan6
Sample Marketing Plan
  • November
    • One promotion
    • Promote upcoming winter brochure
    • (also any other up-coming courses)
sample marketing plan7
Sample Marketing Plan
  • Replicate plan for other 4 or 5 brochures
  • Modify as suitable for your programs
  • Create a plan, stick to it, evolve it
gathering email addresses1
Gathering email addresses
  • Ask for them!
  • “Do you want to be notified of upcoming courses?”
    • Phone / online registration
    • Phone inquiry
    • Website prompt
    • In the classroom (evaluation form)
    • Community course promotion events
selecting a system
Selecting a system
  • Key features
    • Deliverability
    • Tracking (opens, click-throughs)
    • Import subscribers & prevent duplicates
    • Capture email from website
    • Send to a friend w/self sign up option
    • Design matches your branding
  • Dan Belhassen
    • (866) 766-7640
    • dcb@modernearth.net
  • Presentation available at http://modernearth.net/lern2006
  • See me at our booth in exhibit hall
thank you

Thank you!



Presentation available at http://modernearth.net/lern2006